Zenless Zone Zero W-Engine Guide: Best W-Engine for Each Role

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Zenless Zone Zero W-Engine Guide: Best W-Engine for Each Role

Pump your stats with these powerful Zenless Zone Zero W-Engine that lets your favorite mercenary wipe enemies faster in Zenless Zone Zero!

Zenless Zone Zero's Agents sport unique movesets and hi-tech weaponry, and they all receive more power from the the W-Engines they equip. These items boost certain stats depending on the Agent's role or “Fighting Style”, and can make or break your team comp.

Getting the right numbers is essential to running a strong team with a ton of synergy. So we've put together the best W-Engines your Agents can get in the game!

Follow our guide to know the best W-Engines for each role in Zenless Zone Zero, where to find them, and some tips on which stats/passives pair well together.

Zenless Zone Zero: Best W-Engine for Each Agent Type

Best Anomaly W-Engines

1. Fusion Compiler Base ATK 46, PEN Ratio 9.60%
Buffs ATK, performing Special Attacks/EX Special Attacks buffs Anomaly Proficiency for 8s (stacks 3 times separately)
2. Roaring Ride Base ATK 42, ATK 10.00%
Buffs ATK, Anomaly Proficiency, or Anomaly Build-up Rate everytime you land an EX Special Attack
3. Weeping Gemini Base ATK 40, ATK 10.00%
Applying Attribute Anomaly on enemies grants an Anomaly Proficiency buff (stacks 4 times separately) that expires on enemy death/stun recovery.

Anomaly Agents inflict lethal Attribute debuffs that let you control the pace of the fight. That said, building debuffs in ZZZ can be a bit of a hassle, so getting a specialized W-Engine is key here.

All of these options offer the same set of stat bonuses, but differ in their passives. Fusion Compiler and Roaring Hide are perfect for team compositions which focus on an Anomaly Agent. Weeping Gemini on the other hand, can be great for any set-up.


Best Attack W-Engines

1. Cannon Rotor Base ATK 40, CRIT Rate 8.00% Boosts ATK while adding 200% ATK on every crit (8s cooldown)
2. Starlight Engine Base ATK 40, ATK 10.00%
Boosts ATK for 12s after every Dodge Counter/Quick Assist
3. Steel Cushion Base ATK 46, CRIT Rate 9.60%
Boosts Physical DMG, while giving bonus DMG when landing attacks from behind.

Attack characters benefit from having a lot of CRIT and bonus ATK in their kit, so we're focusing on getting consistent numbers on those stats.

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Starlight Engine is great for Agents like Billy and Corin who rely on their attack speed, and it stays consistent damage on any Attack Agent. Steel Cushion is perfect when you like staying mobile on the field and catching bosses off-guard. But our favorite on the list is Cannon Rotor, which not only boosts CRIT, but also adds 200% ATK on top of your regular critical hits!

Best Defense W-Engines

1. Big Cylinder Base ATK 42,  DEF 16.00%
Reduces DMG taken, getting attacked makes your next attack CRIT and deal 600% of your DEF (7.5s cooldown)
2. Bunny Band Base ATK 40, DEF 16.00% Increases Max HP and buffs ATK whenever you're shielded.
3. Original Transmorpher Base ATK 40, HP 10.00% Increases Max HP and boosts your Impact when attacked.

Defense Agents leverage their tenacity to deal explosive damage on the field. With that in mind, we picked the best survival W-Engines for any Defense character in Zenless Zone Zero!

Zenless Zone Zero W-Engine Guide: Best W-Engine for Each Role

Shield comps are bound to get a kick from Bunny Band, which gives a Defense Agent extra ATK when they're covered. Big Cylinder is more specialized, letting you dish out extreme amounts of damage after sustaining a hit. But for a more tame piece of protection, Transmorpher gets you a quick and simple Impact buff whenever you get attacked, the damage offset by its HP increase.

Best Support W-Engines

1. Bashful Demon Base ATK 42, ATK 10.00%
Increases Ice DMG, boosts ATK for 12s (stacks 4 times) when using an EX Special Attack.
2. Kaboom the Canon Base ATK 42, Energy Regen 20.00%
Attacking enemies grants an ATK boost for the whole party for 8s (stacks 4 times separately).
3. Weeping Cradle Base ATK 46, PEN Ratio 9.60% Energy regen increases off-field, attacking a target boosts your party's damage against that target for 3s (DMG bonus increases overtime).
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Supports in Zenless improve your chances of survival by buffing your entire team, getting more Energy when you're out-of-combat and getting more juice out of your EX Special Attacks. So we naturally included all three in our Best Support W-Engines list for ZZZ.

Kaboom the Canon lets your Support Agent boost your entire team's damage output everytime you land a hit, and Bashful Demon focuses all of the firepower on your team's Support. Lastly, Weeping Candle gives up to 20% ATK buffs for your entire team on a single target, letting you focus all your energy on defeating a boss or pesky enemy mobs.

Zenless Zone Zero W-Engine Guide: Best W-Engine for Each Role

Best Stun W-Engines

1. Hellfire Gears Base ATK 46, Impact 7.20%
Increased Energy Regen off-field, EX Special Attacks grant Impact bonus for 10s (stacks 2 times).
2. The Restrained Base ATK 40, Energy Regen 20.00%
Attacking an enemy grants DMG and Daze buffs for 8s (stacks 5 times separately).
3. Steam Oven Base ATK 46, Impact 7.20%
Every 10 Energy grants a small Impact buff (stacks 8 times separately).

Stunners break your enemy's defenses, letting your Attack Agents go all-out on the field. That said, the stats of these W-Engines are focused on getting your Stun Agent all of the staying power they need to pack a dizzying punch.

Hellfire Gears increases Impact and boosts Impact whenever you use your EX Special. The Restrained trades Impact for more Energy Regen while giving you more DMG and Daze every attack, and Steam Oven just gives you a static Impact buff that scales with your current Energy. These W-Engines are extremely versatile in any Stun Agent's hands. So don't be afraid to mix and match if you score any of these A-grade items on “Signal Search”!

And that's everything you need to know about the best W-Engines for every role! Zenless Zone Zero's gacha debut has just begun, so expect a ton of new balance updates and new W-Engines down the line!

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