WoW: Shadowlands’ Hardest Mythic Dungeons And How To Handle Them

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WoW: Shadowlands’ Hardest Mythic Dungeons And How To Handle Them

Below, we’ll reveal the hardest dungeons in Shadowlands (check here for the easiest ones), but crucially, we’ll give you some tips on how to beat them.

While we always try to avoid those harder keys in WoW, sometimes as a group, you just don’t have that Mist key that you need. When that happens, we have to do those harder keys and this guide is going to help you handle them.


Plaguefall would probably be on the easiest list if Shadowlands had more dungeons. While it’s harder than some especially in certain trash packs. One really useful tip for higher keys would be to bring disease and/or poison dispelling members. The dungeon has some tricky mechanical bosses which can catch out newer players. The third boss in particular can be tough for some groups, but a mobile tank or a hunter with a flair for the web assassins can make light work of it.

The last boss is one that shouldn’t catch out good groups, and thanks to recent nerf providing you avoid tentacles and heal through the acid rain you’ll be fine. As with most dungeons, if you take it easy, you’ll find the dungeon fairly easy to handle. This is especially so with Tyrannical, where the bosses will have 30% more HP, so be sure to nail mechanics and you should be fine.

Sanguine Depths

Much like Plaguefall, SD is one of the easier of the harder punch, however, you need to be careful on Tyrannical weeks. Despite the recent nerf to the buff, the dungeon is still tricky, with bosses featuring some nasty mechanics. The dungeon also has a nasty run to the final boss. The final boss will basically join groups of mobs on a gauntlet-style run to the actual encounter with the boss. The gauntlet isn’t so hard, even on Fortified if taken slowly you’ll be fine. Make sure your healer is full mana and you have some cooldowns, as you won’t have much chance if any to take a break.

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Boss wise the dungeon isn’t too bad, the second boss is a lot easier with friends that can communicate when the bosses orbs are coming and from what direction. The last boss is the most tricky boss in the dungeon though. You’ll need to manage your space well and make sure the tank is using the shield correctly so no one is yeeted off the boss platform. Be careful of some nasty affixes such as bolstering and necrotic, especially in that final gauntlet.

Necrotic Wake

Now it gets a little harder. For NW you’ll need to bring decent damage, use strong interrupts and make sure you take it slow, while still making sure to hit the timer. NW has a pretty nasty timer also, though the issue in this dungeon comes from its bosses. The first boss in particular can really punish groups that either don’t nail the tactics or lack the space required to do him. The second boss is fairly easy providing you kill the mages that spawn however, the final two bosses are where most keys will be lost. This is one of the few dungeons in which, even on Fortified, the bosses are some of the most deadly in the game, with low damage groups really struggling on Tyrannical.

As for the trash, you’ll really want interruptions. Despite the nerfs to non-boss Necrotic Bolt, they still hit really hard, and on weeks that bring affixes that make it harder to tank (bolstering or necrotic).

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Theater of Pain

ToP is arguably the hardest Mythic plus dungeon in Shadowlands. During some weeks and combinations, it might be slightly easier. Generally speaking, however, this is a tricky one and certainly one to avoid if you can. If not, then here are a couple of tips. Firstly, this is one of those dungeons that is tricky in both Fortified and Tyrannical. Mini-boss mobs that can be tough as it is, can suddenly become like extra boss fights at higher keys. This is also a dungeon that is particularly tricky when all but the first boss can easily wipe you.

Like a lot of the tougher dungeons, you’ll need to bring CC and interrupts with a number of tricky add packs to deal with. One particular spell to watch out for is Bind Soul, you’ll want to deal with this every time it’s cast. As we mentioned in the Necrotic Wake section, Necrotic Bolt is a key ability to deal with and you’ll even have an AOE version, Necrotic Bolt Volley.

If you don’t fancy dealing with these harder dungeons, check out our guide for the easiest Shadowlands dungeons here.

WoW: Shadowlands’ Hardest Mythic Dungeons And How To Handle Them
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