WoW Shadowlands 9.1 What We Know

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WoW Shadowlands 9.1 What We Know

With BlizzConline out the way, we now have a good idea of what to expect from patch 9.1 — Chains of Domination.

From new stories, flying mounts, and a new raid. In this guide, we’ll give you all the details on WoW’s next big content patch.

Shadowlands patch 9.1 new raid and dungeon

That’s right, both a new raid, the Sanctum of Domination and a new “mega-dungeon” Tazavesh, the Veiled Market are coming in 9.1. We know the raid will be a 10-boss affair, with Sylvanas being the likely endboss. We know three other bosses so far, with Tarragrue of Torghast fame, The Eye of the Jailer, and our old friend Kel’Thuzad.

Some of the new weapons available as rewards when Shadowlands 9.1 drops

As for the dungeon, it’ll be an 8-boss “mega-dungeon” available in Mythic only at first. If it follows on from past dungeons of this type it will likely be split into two Mythic plus dungeons later.

Flying mounts come to Shadowlands in 9.1

It’s that time again in the expansion when the heroes of Azeroth take to the sky. Thankfully it comes in the first patch in Shadowlands. Unlocking isn’t reputation-based, either. Simply complete the current Covenant campaign and whatever new story elements arrive in 9.1 and you’ll have a mount.

For a full breakdown of flying in 9.1 check out our guide here.

Torghast Changes in 9.1

Love it or hate it, Torghast is here to stay in Shadowlands. While the feature divided many in the community, Blizzard is looking to make changes for 9.1. The death counter is gone, with a scoring system likely to replace it. A new layer will join the current ranks bringing all new rewards.

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Alongside these new rewards will come a host of new Anima Powers. While no details were given, we’d hope Blizzard has taken feedback from the community about the current roster of powers.

New zone Korthia, the City of Secrets comes in 9.1

A new zone will be added to Shadowlands in 9.1. Featuring a host of quests involving your covenants, this process is locked behind new renown levels and should act as this patch’s main story content. The zone will also be full of new dailies and activities for players to experience.

Maw changes in 9.1

Not only will we still get more changes in 9.1 but the Maw will also be getting some new content. Reputation vendor and all-around nice lady Ve’nari will be sticking around, offering players new items via a new currency in 9.1. Mounting in the Maw will also be unlocked for all players in 9.1 and not just for those willing to do 16 layers of Twisting Corridors.

The Maw will also be host to new quest areas, harder enemies, and an increased presence by our Covenants, as we look to regain some control of the zone.

New Mounts, Pets, and Toys in Shadowlands 9.1

Some of the new minions which will become available in Patch 9.1 including a Shadowlands themed rat minion

As with any major patch, 9.1 will bring a fresh host of new pets, mounts, and toys to show off. While these will drop in a number of places, the new mega-dungeon will be one of the main sources alongside the raid. Season 2 will also see the addition of the newest Vicious mounts for those that love PVP.

The new zone, Korthia will also feature a number of new cosmetic rewards alongside new quests. We also expect Ve’nari will have some rewards to offer once she refreshes her store in 9.1.

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Shadowlands Season 2

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With Season 1 coming to end, 9.1 sees us get a new season. 9.1 will introduce a new seasonal Mythic Plus affix with Prideful moving on and being replaced by Domination. PVP will also get all new rewards and changes to honor talents as Blizzard looks to shake up the system. As always with a new season, the item level attained by players will increase.

New Covenant levels, rewards, and Conduit/Soulbind changes in 9.1

The new styles of Covenant Armor, featuring angelic Kyrian themed robes

Lastly, our Covenants will be getting some love. An entirely new line of cosmetic armor alongside 40 levels of renown for us to work through. These new renown levels will also be how we unlock flying via the 9.1 story campaign. Sadly, 9.1 won’t bring any changes to how we currently change Covenants in Shadowlands, with the current system of refarming renown and doing the campaign the only way.

New Conduits and Soulbind powers will also be added in 9.1 to our existing roster of Soulbinds. A system will be introduced to enable players to empower current Conduits with more power or additional effects. Something that will please some fans, however, is that Blizzard has no plans to add any new Soulbinds at this time.

When will Shadowlands patch 9.1 release?

We don’t have an exact date for 9.1, though we do know that the testing realm (PTR) will come shortly after patch 9.0.5 which is due to come out in late March. We’ll likely get a 9.1 PTR shortly after with 9.1 likely to release in April or May.

Stay tuned to ESTNN! We’ll update this article as we get more information closer to the release date of patch 9.1.

WoW Shadowlands 9.1 What We Know
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