WoW: Sepulcher of the First Ones RWF Recap, Echo Secure RWF win

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WoW: Sepulcher of the First Ones RWF Recap, Echo Secure RWF win

The Race to World First (RWF) is back for 2022 showing as Sepulcher of the First Ones (SFO). Here we'll update our RWF Recap daily.

As with all new raids, we get to see the best guilds in the world flex their muscles. With action across the globe, with staggered releases and different tactics, it can be hard to track. Here, we'll recap the main moments from the top 5 guilds and how their progress is going. This article will update each day once EU guilds are done for the day. For example, NA guilds began their Day One on March 8th, however, EU guilds won't start until the morning of the 9th. Plus, our writers are based in the region, which makes it easier.

Current RWF Mythic Progress

Kills order from 1st to 3rd. Bosses with no guilds next to them are as yet un-killed. Boss kill links will be hyperlinked where possible. Boss order will change as guilds progress, boss order will be in kill order. You can see a full list of streaming guilds on our RWF Guide.

Updated 26/3 – 22:00 GMT

RWF Day 16 Recap

Echo woke up to the relief that Liquid had not killed the boss. Though, they did make progress. Getting the Jailer to 15.8%. As for Echo, they had a solid morning. Knocking Jailer into his P4 with their first pull, revealing more information about the phase. By their lunch break, they'd been consistently getting into the P4 as they made the push for the kill.

As the clock struck 16:00, Echo got the jailer back to 10%, but this time they did so inside of P4. This, of course, meant Echo took an extended break to plan for the last push. With Liquid logging on for the day, they had a lot of work to do as we entered possibly the final hours of the RWF.

More consistent pulls into the final phase would follow for Echo, and a new best was set late in the evening. Not only a sub 10% push but a 5% push was achieved. Interestingly, this came after Echo found out that the Jailer was affected by Mortal Strike. Effectively, this stopped Jailer from healing to 24.4% and instead put him to 18%. Within 10 pulls Echo had the boss low enough to be within kill range. By 22:00 Echo had taken Jailer to 0.6% as it looked like a kill was just moments away.

A somber end to the race for Liquid it seems. With Max (GM & RL of Liquid) admitting the roster has hit a burnout. That said, this isn't a given for Echo, they've still got a boss to kill and until the Jailer hits 0% it's not over.

With the day coming to a close, Echo finally managed to get the kill. Ending the longest raid tier in modern WoW history. GGs to everyone involved.

RWF Day 16 Recap

The day started with Liquid having recorded our first sub-20% pull. It would take Echo till the afternoon to finally get close to it, recording a 20.8% wipe. With rumors of a secret phase gaining momentum, we might still be in for a long week. Speaking of the secret phase, we're left wondering when will it “activate”. With only 15, 10 and 5% really left as markers for boss HP it's hard to know what the phase could be. The worry for teams competing will be that the phase activates at 0%… Regardless, if this goes the way they are now, it's likely we'll see this elusive phase over the weekend.

The after saw some serious strong pulls from both guilds. Echo was able to match Liquid's best pulls and surpass them shortly after. Echo got us sub 15%, meaning we still don't know when or if, a secret phase is triggered. By the evening Liquid was struggling in phase 3, improving just 0.7% on their best pull. For Echo, however, they got close to a 10% pull with a few hours left of their day. We also saw China's Skyline move into third place.

Well, with probably only a handful of pulls left for the night for Echo, we finally saw it. The Secret Phase is real. With a 9.99% pull, the Jailer triggered his Mythic phase, and we have no idea what happens next. Immediately after, Echo muted all coms and held a guild meeting. Would they pull again to see the phase or head to bed and keep the information hidden from Liquid?

RWF Day 15 Recap

Well into week three now, and we're reaching the end. A strong day for Echo would see them close out at just 26%. However, with Phase 3 proving to be such a pain point, it looks like we'd need a flawless run to take him down. Elsewhere, SK Pieces and Method joined in the Jailer fun, with both progressing.

When we closed out for the night Liquid were on 36%, with the pressure now on. We've also started to see the effects of the long race, with Liquid losing their Main Tank. Interestingly, Liquid opted for an unusual tactic of heading back to kill Fatescribe from the previous raid tier. Liquid's plan, which they achieved, was to get the trinket “Weave of Warped Fates” (shown below) onto their tanks. As we signed off, Liquid had a best attempt of 36%.

Weave of Warped Fates

RWF Day 14 Recap

Overnight Liquid got The Jailer down to 53%, with that it looked like we might just get a kill this week. For Echo, the morning was spent clearing Mythic back up to The Jailer. A solid day of progress for both guilds, with Liquid edging ahead on 40%. Echo ended the day on 49% with over 110 pulls on the boss. With the current rate of progress, we'd expect the race to be done by the weekend.

RWF Day 13 Recap

With Liquid unable to reduce the Jailer anymore in their final night, they looked to prepare for reset. Echo spent their morning working on Mythic + and PvP to increase their Vault options for reset. One major bit of progress came in the afternoon, however, with SK Pieces claiming the World Third Lords of Dread. Cementing their place in the #3 spot.

Echo would opt to spend most of their day clearing HC, doing Mythic + and PvP. They spent a few hours on the Jailer Mythic in the evening but made no tangible progress. Echo logged off early for the night ahead of their reset tomorrow. As for Liquid, despite a few tricky pulls on Anduin and Rygelon, they cleared back through Mythic in no time at all. However, they opted to go into HC Jailer splits rather than progressing.

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RWF Day 12 Recap

A morning of closer and closer attempts for EU guilds. Echo recorded a 4.3% before lunch, while Pieces managed 12% on LoD. Method decided to begin their day with Heroic Jailers pulls as they looked to secure more gear for LoD progress.

Echo would make even more progress after lunch, recording a heartbreaking 0.5% wipe! However, with North American guilds just moments away from logging on, Echo got the kill. It was the cleanest pull we've seen thus far, as Echo moved on the Mythic Jailer. Shortly after Liquid got on and they started pumping right away. Within the hour they'd secured their own kill on the Jailer.

With EU sleeping ahead of their final day of raiding for the week. Liquid managed to match their 76% pull as they lock in for their final night of progress of week two.

RWF Day 12 Recap

A good day of progress for Echo, getting Rygelon down to 10% prior to Liquid getting on. They'd spend a short period of time on splits before once again beginning to progress. The rest of the guilds have slowed down, with Pieces on 61% on Lords of Dread, while Method was still stuck on Anduin at 31%.

Later in the day Method would push past Anduin and get progressing on Lords of Dread alongside Pieces. They joined Asian guild Skyline who progressed earlier in the game. By the time the day drew to a close, Rygelon was still standing. We left with Liquid holding a lead at 4%, with Echo on 5%. Tomorrow would be NAs final day of progress for the week as the raid looked set to head into the third week.

RWF Day 11 Recap

No kills overnight for the NA sides, and with two bosses to pick from the race for the 9th kill was an interesting one. Liquid stopped pulls on Lords of Dread at 14%, opting to move on to Rygelon instead. We'll track the best pulls above rather than including them all here.

Once Liquid came online, both guilds continued to push the bosses HP ( Lords of Dread). By the time Echo had taken an evening break and Liquid broke for lunch the kill look imminent. Echo had managed a sub 5% pull with Liquid at 11%. A few close pulls after, including a 0.7% for Echo and they finally took down Lords of Dread. It's the first time Echo has moved ahead in the race, and the first World First kills they've claimed. Liquid continued into the night, getting closer and closer to a kill. As Echo logged off for the night, happy with their progress on Rygelon Liquid took down Lords of Dread. They took a break before moving on to Rygelon themselves, though it was good night from us.

RWF Day 10 Recap

The day started with the usual chipping away at Anduin's HP. Some added motivation for Echo came in the form of seeing Liquid end their day on just 9%. By the time Liquid had got online, Echo had not killed Anduin, however, it was getting close.

It took a few more attempts but Anduin did drop for Liquid as they moved on. Not too long after Echo caught up to Liquid, pulling off one of the cleanest kills of the tier. It's worth noting that, a bug discovered in the final phase by Liquid made the Anduin fight a lot easier. While it aided in Liquid's kill it also meant other guilds could go into the phase with that knowledge. To maintain competitive integrity, Blizzard decided to keep the bug in the game.

Late edit – Blizzard nerfed the HP of Anduin by 10% in the early hours, meaning they'll likely fix the above bug in the weekly reset.


RWF Day Nine Recap

The main highlight of the day was that Method moved onto Anduin. That kill brought the total number of guilds on the boss to four. As for the rest, it was mostly just a case of chipping away at the health. Echo and Liquid swapped placed multiple times during the day. However, the key was that both guilds started to get a firm and consistent look at phase 2.

Going forward, it looks like Anduin is going to keep guild on him for a long time. It's going to be a long week, and maybe we won't even see a Jailer pull in week two.

RWF Day Eight Recap

Day eight began the EU's week two of progress. Like NA before them, they opted to head back into Heroic to claim gear rather than heading back to Mythic. Meanwhile, Skyline joined the guilds having progressed passed Halondrus ahead of the Asian servers resetting today.

Once Liquid got online, they opted to clear Mythic up to Anduin. Crucially, they breezed past Halondrus in fewer than 5 pulls. After that, they went back to Heroic to gear characters and do split runs. A number of guilds were still progressing on Halondrus, with guilds opting to reclear back to that point. Below is a graphic (courtesy of the Method stream) highlighting the progress as of 21:00 GMT.

Halondrus on the evening of day eight

RWF Day Seven Recap

We woke to see Liquid having gotten Anduin down to 77% having sunk close to 100 pulls in him already. We don't want to say we're looking at a Halondrus part 2… but we might just be. Once European guilds got going, we saw steady progress on percentages. Echo came in with a number of sub 5% wipes, including a new best of 3.4% at the time. As they broke for lunch, the boss still stood but it looked like a kill was just pulls away.

It would take another few hours, but Echo finally managed it. Taking down Halondrus, with just a few more total pulls than Liquid managed. Now, Echo had to get attempts in on Anduin before NA servers came back online and Liquid got a much-needed bump in item level. Echo would go on to get a number of decent pulls in on Anduin, before moving into Heroic to get more gear before the EU reset.

The early evening brought us the third kill, with SK Pieces securing it. With the fewest pulls of any guild so far, Pieces put down a marker to those ahead of them. As for Liquid, they also opted to do Heroic Splits before reclearing Mythic.


RWF Day Six recap

The calm before the kill. Was this finally the day that we saw a breakthrough? With Liquid getting as low as 5% in the early hours, Europe had work to do to catch them. By the time NA had got online EU guilds only managed to chip away at the boss, with sub 10% achieved for Echo.

NA Awake

It wasn't instant, but it did finally come. Liquid had multiple sub 5% wipes as they edge closer to a kill. A 0.6% wipe came in as it looked like Liquid had managed to do it. It'd take a few more pulls, however, it was done. Liquid had killed the boss after 357 pulls.

Echo fought as hard as they could, but the boss did not fall. Ending the day with a best pull of 3.4% Echo had to head to bed with Liquid progressing the next boss. Meanwhile, SK Pieces, Method, Skyline and BDGG were catching up. As for Liquid, by the time we called it a day they had Anduin on 77%. With one day left for European guilds before the reset, day seven will be a crucial day. As for NA, by the time they log on for the next time, they'll have had their weekly reset and be heading back to Mythic.

RWF Day Five recap

Well, here we are still. Waiting for Halondrus to go down still with guilds pushing well over 200 pulls. We've attached below the progress guilds had made by mid-afternoon in Europe (prior to NA getting on).

RWF Recap day 5
A look at the pulls and % on day 5 of Halondrus

After this, NA woke up and Liquid started taking chunks out of the boss. While no one killed it, it was starting to get close. By 23:30 GMT, we had to call it for the night. But with Liquid pulling an 11% wipe and calling for dinner. It felt like we might awake to a kill.

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RWF Day Four recap

Day four starts with Halondrus still as the raid's first “wall” boss. With Echo and Liquid still only chipping away at his HP bar, other guilds were starting to catch up. With SK Pieces the only other guild starting the day on the boss.

As the day drew to a close, there wasn't really much to add. A nerf came to Halondrus in the afternoon, and while it helped guilds progress more, no kill came. With Echo and the rest of Europe logging off late in the evening we draw the curtain on day four.

North America:

Not much to add after Liquid came on to start the day. They trailed Echo in percentage, but it's fairly irrelevant. Bar Echo, no guild has breached 40%, with the entirety of phase 3 still unseen by any guild.


It's more of the same for most guilds. We saw Method join the Halondrus race, which as of the later afternoon Echo had the % lead on the boss. Otherwise, it's just a lot of boss pulls as guilds slowly grind out the percentages.

Rest of the World:

Skyline and Aster joined the rest of the guilds in reaching 6/11, as the race for 7/11 moved up a gear.


RWF Day Three recap

Day three started with an update on Lihuvin being downed by Liquid last night. We've also got some updates on how the Asia guilds are doing, with Aster sitting at 4/11!

North America:

As Liquid came online, they awoke to find Echo hot on their heels with just 13% separating the two. A frustrating day overall for Liquid, who only managed to chip away at the % of Halondrus.


After logging off for the night on an equal footing with Liquid. Echo would likely be relieved to find themselves just one boss behind as they wake up. If Echo can catch Liquid before Liquid makes it on, then the race will be close. Echo would break through and match Liquid's 6/11 record. by the afternoon (15:00 GMT) they would find themselves just a few % off Liquid's best with the NA guild logging on.

The afternoon would also see Method maintain their 3rd place in the race. Taking down Pantheon, Method kept themselves alive in the race. Like Liquid, Echo would only manage to chip away at the boss as the evening went on. With Halondrus offering up a sizable challenge to both the top two sides. By the late evening in Europe, SK Pieces caught up the rest of the pack and began their progress on the boss.

Rest of the World

It's always hard to get much information out of the Asian realms, however, we did get a pull count tweet(below). With Aster at 4/11, they're on an equal footing with a number of the chasing pack. With BDGG, Aster, SK Pieces and Method chasing down Liquid and Echo. Towards the end of their day, Aster would move away from Mythic and instead make progress on The Jailer Heroic. While “only” a Heroic boss, the Jailer hasn't been taken down yet. This is mostly due to the fact that he doesn't drop tier items.

While Asian guilds stopped progress on Mythic, we did get a Heroic World First Jailer. With Chinese guild Alpha claiming the final Heroic World First.



RWF Day Two Recap

Day two would bring RWF to all regions as Asia joined the race. Our coverage for the day kicks off with us picking up from where NA left off in the early hours. Then follow the EU guilds throughout the day until they log off.

North America:

As we hit live last night and headed for bed, we were greeted with an awful sight. Not that Liquid had downed two bosses (we've not got a horse in this race), but our article was out of date already. Liquid went on a quick-fire rampage, knocking down Dausegne and Xy'mox in quick succession. Liquid also had a 5% wipe on Pantheon, while having 3 pulls on Halondrus.

NA awaken:

Once Liquid woke up, boy oh boy did they get themselves going quickly. Liquid took down Pantheon as they moved on to the next boss, Lihuvim.




European guild started with more splits in Heroic. With so much gear up for grabs, and only the final boss really mattering in terms of the race. EU sides opted to get as much gear as possible. So for the morning/early afternoon It was farm time across EU.


The afternoon would see Europe move into Mythic, well Echo at least. Once Echo got started, however, they picked up pace fast. It's important to note that EU guilds have benefited from nerfs on the first boss. Echo quickly turned their attention to Skolex as he would be taken down shortly after. After just 5 pulls, Echo managed to take down Xy'mox as they started to make a charge on Liquid. While progress slowed for Echo, the late evening saw Method progress past Guardian. With SK Pieces shortly after them. A lesser-known EU guild would enter the fray next up, as Project would grab a World Third kill on Dausegne. Method would also move onto 2/11 shortly after, though it was Skolex that they opted to take down.


With just a few hours left of the raiding day in Europe, Echo got a kill onto the Patheon. The kill got them level with Liquid as the race was well and truly opened wide open. Method continued their own blast up the progress table on day two, with another quick kill after their earlier Skolex kill. With just 10 pulls registered, Method jump up the RWF leaderboard.

Rest of the World:

Day two of the race added Asian servers to the mix. For the first time, we even got an official Twitch stream from one of the members. You can find what other guilds are streaming here.

RWF Day One – 8th till 10th (early am EU) recap


North America:

Well, it was an interesting start to the day. Of the guilds expected to challenge for the RWF title, none even attempted Mythic in the first few hours. In fact, many opted to finish Heroic (ignoring The Jailer) and moved on to farming split raids. In fact, Liquid even pushed forward their gear splits because they assumed no one could trade tier items with them.

Once NA guilds awoke on their second day it was more of the same. All the top guilds opted to keep farming Heroic with only a few guilds even entering Mythic. However, that all changed later in the PM as The Early Shift, started to make progress. After recording a few low 10% wipes, including a 4% people started to take notice. It would take them around two hours to knock the boss down, but knock it down they did. With that, they became the first guild to progress on Halondrus.

As we wrapped up day one, Liquid pushed down the next boss. After taking down Guardian, it took them just a few pulls to take down Skolex. As we left them for the night, as EU guilds logged off. Liquid had stopped for dinner with 23% the lowest pull on Xy'mox.


Europe pretty much followed what NA did on day one. Farm Heroic for tier, and get loads of split raids done. Europe is often slow out of the blocks, though with the usual advantage of watching NA kill bosses for them they normally catch up. It'll be interesting to see if anything changes this tier, with so few guilds even pulling bosses.

For Europe, they ended up just sitting in Heroic for the first day getting loot. With NA guilds clearly progressing slowly, EU guilds seemed to just focus on gaining tier set. They'll be hoping that Liquid is still at 2 bosses down by the time they begin tomorrow.

Rest of the World:

The highest guild outside of NA and Europe was the Australian guild, Honestly. Sitting outside the top 10, though they were the highest-ranking Alliance guild.

WoW: Sepulcher of the First Ones RWF Recap, Echo Secure RWF win
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