WoW Season of Discovery Changes

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WoW Season of Discovery Changes

Here are all the WoW Season of Discovery changes you can expect coming to classic.

The Season of Discovery will soon be upon us and with it, Blizzard invites players once again to discover the old Azeroth with new eyes. This is the Classic+ experience we've all been waiting for after #NoChanges made us ask for #Changes.

And after the Season of Mastery and Hardcore, we're getting a completely new and remade experience that promises never-before-seen content and new ways to play World of Warcraft classic. Info has been scarce but we've compiled a list with all the changes we could find.

WoW Season of Discovery Changes – Everything You Need to Know

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Season of Discovery might look like Classic, play like Classic but it's not. Consider it a completely new take on Classic World of Warcraft with remixed class actions, talent trees, and a completely new leveling experience as well as a fresh approach to PvP.

Season of Discovery Launch

World of Warcraft's new take on Classic is being launched on November 30, 2023, for everyone who is an active subscriber to World of Warcraft. Do keep in mind that you don't have to own the most recent expansion or any expansion for that matter.

And while you can't preregister your name, we got confirmation that there'll be regular, PvP and RP servers. How many we don't know, but Blizzard also confirmed that they'll introduce some kind of faction limitation on all servers to avoid a PvP imbalance.

Season of Discovery Phases

For now, Season of Discovery is announced to be released in 4 Phases. Depending on how these go, these Phases will probably continue into the endgame raids. The first Phase will limit the level cap at level 25 and introduce a completely original 10-man raid in the Blackfathom Deeps as well as a PvP zone event in Ashenvale.

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This season will last for a couple of months until we move to Phase 2 which will cap the levels off at 40, the next at 50, and the final one at 60. How content is gonna pan out is still unknown and Blizzard has already confirmed that they'll keep adjusting things as they go on.

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Season of Discovery Class Changes

Blizzard has also announced some sweeping changes to the way classes work in Season of Discovery. Some of the talent trees will be adjusted but the big change is Runes. Runes let players temper with the way their class works.

These runes can either add new talents to enhance their existing play style or allow them to fulfill roles they usually can't. Rogues can become Tanks, Mages can fulfill the healer role, and so on. Runes are unlocked by completing special quests. Three of them can be equipped at the same time, and there are several of them for each slot.

Gear and Items

The new season also brings new gear that can be earned from both the new raid and the PvP event. These new gear pieces are made to account for the new role setups for all the classes. We don't know exactly how those gear pieces will turn out but we'll keep you posted once new information becomes available.

You can also expect new potions, new craftable items, and gadgets but we'll have to wait until we find out more. While we don't expect sweeping changes, you will have to relearn and rethink certain aspects of Classic World of Warcraft.

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Image: Blizzard

World PvP Event

On top of the regular PvP which you can expect to be fierce, especially during the leveling process. But Season of Discovery will also include a brand-new World PvP event which will take place in Ashenvale. Here you can earn new gear as well as early access to a mount which will be crucial in both PvP and PvE.

The world PvP event seems to be a large-scale version of the Alterac Valley battleground. Throughout the zone, there'll be bases, probably defended by NPCs and players alike which have to be taken for control of the zone.

By participating in this event, players will raise their reputation with the Warsong Outriders and Silverwing Sentinels. These will offer unique rewards such as the aforementioned opportunity to unlock an exclusive mount and gear, winning the PvP world Event will reward the winning faction with a one-use item that grants a World Buff. We'll of course have a full guide available once the PvP mode is available.

And that sums up everything you need to know about the upcoming World of Warcraft Season of Discovery. There are a lot of things we didn't and can't discuss yet and once the mode is actually out come November 30, we'll have plenty of guides and advice for you.

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WoW Season of Discovery Changes
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