WoW Plunderstorm Tips and Tricks to Dominate

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WoW Plunderstorm Tips and Tricks to Dominate

WoW Plunderstorm Tips and Tricks are here to help you dominate in this limited-time event.

While Plunderstorm is a limited-time event, there's a lot to learn. We've gone over some of the Best Skills already, but in this article, we'll cover some general tips and tricks to help you survive. As you can see from the main image of the article, we won a game of Plunderstorm, so you can see us as a sort of expert on the topic.

Early Game Plunderstorm Tips

Take a moment to scan the map

All people want to do is dive down, and get to killing. Honestly, we think you should take a second to see where people around you go. You can also use this time to find mobs that are grouped up and chests that you can grab.

Pick a location and Commit

Once you start your dive in Plunderstorm, you've pretty much made your bed. Comit, and commit hard as you slam your face into the cold hard Earth.

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Use Your Dive to get an Early Kill

Your dive into the ground does a lot of damage, enough to one-shot any of the basic non-elite mobs in the area. So use that to your advantage and get an early level as you land.

If you get Into Trouble Early, Just run

Early on, no one is going to kill you. Even if they land and get an ability of their first mob you can just use the barrel to get away. So if your plan is to get in and complete you quest then just do that.

Plunderstorm Tips and Tricks

Don't be Afraid to Change Your Skills up

There are always going to be “best” skills and abilities, but combos are the most important.

PvE Early, Farm That Coin

PvP is the goal for the late game, in the early stages focus on PvE and farming coins. You can level up quickly, especially if you get AOE abilities early.

Mid to Late Game Plunderstorm Tips

Focus on Your Build

Now that we're into the mid to late game, start to focus on what your build is. Now, we don't mean your abilities here, more, what are you trying to do? Is your build about stunning someone and blowing them up in melee or is it about poking them at range and staying out of the fight. Now is the time to work that out and double down.

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Start to Look for Upgrades to Skills

Now that you're build is set, look for upgrades. A lot of people will Meta Game, so if you're using a build that doesn't use the current “best” ability, look for people leaving upgrades lying around.

Play the Late Game Slow

You don't need to go head-first into every fight. The goal is to be the last one alive, not the one with the most kills. So, play slow, third party if you have to and get that W.

WoW Plunderstorm Tips and Tricks to Dominate
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