WoW Plunderstorm Hotfixes, Nerfs, and Buffs

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WoW Plunderstorm Hotfixes, Nerfs, and Buffs

WoW Plunderstorm Hotfixes are coming in thick and fast.

Here are the WoW Plunderstorm hotfixes that have been deployed thus far. We'll list all the hotfixes below, and keep old hotfixes up while they remain relevant to the current version of the game. While you're here, you can check out our Tips and Tricks guide to improve your game.

WoW Plunderstorm Hotfixes

March 22

  • Fire Whirl damage was reduced by 20%.
  • Faeform now provides a 50% damage reduction for the first 1 second you’re in Faeform (was 90%).
  • Rime Arrow cooldown increased at higher ranks, and now has a cooldown of 10/8.5/7/5.5 seconds (was 10/8/6/4 seconds).

March 21

  • Fire Whirl Movement speed bonus reduced to 70% across all ranks (was 140%).
  • Star Bomb cast time reduced to 2 seconds across all ranks (was 2.25 seconds).
  • Toxic Smackerel cooldown reduced at ranks 1, 2, and 3. Rank 4 unchanged.
  • Explosive Caltrops trap radius increased by 40%.
  • Lightning Bulwark channel time increased to 2 seconds (was 1.25 seconds).
  • lowered the overall amount of experience players are getting in Duos so that it’s more in line with the pace of leveling in Solos matches.

March 20

  • Plunder dropped by other players significantly increased.*
  • Plunder from non-player enemies increased by 50%.
  • Plunder from golden chests doubled.
  • Top placement in a match now rewards 500 Plunder (was 100).
WoW Plunderstorm Hotfixes, Nerfs, and Buffs
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