WoW: Complexity Limit Announce Race To World First Event For Castle Nathria

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WoW: Complexity Limit Announce Race To World First Event For Castle Nathria

The current ranked one guild in World of Warcraft is back in Shadowlands and looking to take back-to-back titles.

With Mythic raiding for Castle Nathria set to open in just a week’s time, Complexity-Limit is back on the world’s 1st grind. And looking to take a second title. The entire event will be streamed on the Complexity Twitch account, with around 16-18 hours of live content daily.

The guild will operate a live event from the Texas-based GameStop Performance Center, beginning on December 15, with those participating in the event being subject to a bubble environment. Complexity will be on hand to manage the event, from broadcast, player needs, and providing meals for those in attendance.

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The Complexity-Limit team will also be joined by the OTK Network; with a daily roundtable show happening after each day featuring OTK members – Asmongold, REALMizkif, Esfand, and Rich Campbell.

Complexity aiming to defend their title

“Race to World First is a competition unlike any other – it’s an incredibly demanding endeavor that challenges players to think critically over long periods of time”. Sören Vendsahm, General Manager of Complexity Gaming. “All eyes are on Complexity-Limit as the guild attempts to defend their rank as the world’s top raiding guild”.  He also promised the org would be providing support “…every step of the way…” through unique experiences aimed at viewers and help from Complexity's partners.

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At the previous event back in 2020, Complexity-Limit put an expansion’s worth of work and experience to good use. They managed to reign supreme in Ny’alotha and take the World First crown off Europe.

“In February we learned what it takes to be Race to World First champions, and we’re ready to carry that momentum into Shadowlands”. Added Kevin “Atrocity” Bannick, Complexity-Limit’s newest Guild Officer. “Thanks to Complexity, we’ve been able to focus purely on preparing for the upcoming raid, and we’re looking forward to giving this event our all”. Bannick said.

Alongside the event, Complexity-Limit will be joined by a handful of sponsors and partners; including Herman Miller and Blue who'll provide equipment to the raiders.

WoW: Complexity Limit Announce Race To World First Event For Castle Nathria
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