Complexity-Limit Announce Race to World First Event

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Complexity-Limit Announce Race to World First Event

Complexity-Limit have announced its plans for the latest Race to World First.

With only a few days to go until the opening of the World of Warcraft: Ny’alotha raid, Complexity-Limit has announced its plans for the latest Race to World First. The organization, previously known as Limit until the two partners merged in late 2019, released details earlier today.

Race to World First is set to be held at Complexity’s headquarters, the GameStop Performance Center. Besides Complexity-Limit, a number of other WoW guilds and talent will join in hosting the event.

Beginning January 28 at 10 AM ET via the Complexity Twitch account, Complexity-Limit will stream for 16 hours a day. They'll also be providing extensive coverage, reports and insight from casters and talent joining them during the race.

Sören Vendsahm, General Manager of Complexity Gaming had this to say: “The Race to World First is one of the most impressive accolades in all of esports. It isn’t about winning a single round, match or one game in a condensed hour-long experience; it’s about being the first in the world to overcome the odds. And we’re hopeful that Complexity-Limit will conquer these adversities to be crowned the top guild in the world.”

Complexity-Limit won’t be going at it alone, however. A number of top guilds from around the world are joining them onsite. Including North American guild Big Dumb Guild, with live feeds of Fat Shark Yes and Club Camel. European guild Pieces will also have a presence on the stream via VoD updates.

Complexity-Limit Announce Race to World First Event
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