World’s 4th Ranked Smash Player, Sonix Joins Luminosity Gaming

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World’s 4th Ranked Smash Player, Sonix Joins Luminosity Gaming

The number 4 Smash player in the world is officially a member of Luminosity Gaming.

In honor of its Smash-dedicated YouTube channel hitting 10,000 subscribers, Luminosity Gaming decided to make the surprise reveal of the latest addition to their Smash roster: Sonix. Luminosity Gaming and Sonix previously collaborated earlier this month with the Luminosity Makes Moves Miami event.

After nearly three years with Bandits Gaming, Sonix parted ways with the organization in February and competed this year as an independent player.

Hailing from the Dominican Republic, Sonix is one of the best Sonic players in the world. Sonix has been competing professionally since 2019 but picked up speed in 2022, racking up plenty of 1st place finishes. But Sonix really established a name for himself and made a mark in the Smash community last year at CEO 2022 by having one of the greatest Losers Brackets runs in Esports history.

After a 2-3 defeat in game five of the Winners Round of the Top 32 courtesy of Toast, Sonix found himself in the Losers Bracket early. He didn't let that discourage him. Sonix proceeded to win 22 straight games and seven straight sets. He 3-0'd notable Smash players like Fatality, Tweek, and Dabuz, and he got revenge on Toast with a 3-0 victory in the Losers Finals.

Sonix advanced to the Grand Finals and defeated Riddles in two 3-2 sets to become CEO 2022 Grand Champion. None could deny Sonix's abilities after that.

Sonix has had a pretty successful 2023, with plenty of 1st place finishes and a healthy back-and-forth rivalry with FaZe Clan pro, Sparg0. Sonix sits at #4 in the LumiRank Summer 2023 rankings.

While Sonix may have had a disappointing finish at Super Smash Con 2023, his star remains on the rise and should shine brightly as a member of Luminosity Gaming.

World’s 4th Ranked Smash Player, Sonix Joins Luminosity Gaming
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