Worlds 2023 Numbers: Longest Game, Most Used Champion & More

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Worlds 2023 Numbers: Longest Game, Most Used Champion & More

What were the biggest surprises at Worlds 2023? Here is everything you need to know.

The 2023 League of Legends World Championship was a major success for Riot Games. The biggest esports event of the year continues to break records on and off the Rift. T1 Esports returned to the pinnacle of competitive LoL after a dominating 3-0 best-of-five victory over Weibo Gaming – this victory marks the organization's fourth World title. ESTNN goes through some of the numbers at Worlds 2023, including the most viewed game, most used Champion, etc.

Most Viewed Worlds 2023 Game

There was no doubt which series would pull in the highest number of viewers at the 2023 World Championship. All eyes were on T1 vs WBG, a match that would determine who would walk away as the newly crowned World Champions. According to Esports Charts, T1 versus Weibo Gaming was the most viewed game at this year's tournament by a substantial margin, coming in with a peak viewership of 6,402,760. This surpasses the semi-final matchup between T1 and JDG which had over four million peak viewers. Here is how the top five rounds out:

  • 1st: T1 vs Weibo Gaming – 6,402,760
  • 2nd: T1 vs JDG – 4,308,901
  • 3rd: T1 vs LNG – 3,007,009
  • 4th: Bilibili Gaming vs Gen.G – 2,340,406
  • 5th: Weibo Gaming vs Bilibili Gaming – 2,257,357
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Worlds 2023 Numbers: Champion Statistics

Across the World Championship, a total of 87 unique champions were picked according to with the Support role having the most played twenty-two. This is a decrease from Worlds 2022, in which we saw 94 unique champions picked across the tournament. The changing of the format did not factor into why there was a decrease in the number of champions played, with Worlds 2022 only seeing one more game played (80) in comparison to this year's event (79). Here are all the key champion statistics for Worlds 2023:

  • Most picked Champion: Rell  – 35
  • Most banned Champion: Kalista – 50
  • Champion with most wins: Orianna –  20
  • Champion with most losses: Kaisa – 21
  • Highest pick and ban presence: Orianna – 95%

What Was The Longest And Shortest Game At Worlds 2023?

The longest game at the 2023 World Championship was Gen.G vs Bilibili Gaming and the shortest game was the newly crowned champions T1 when they took on North America's Cloud9. Starting with the longest game, despite it being the longest in game-time, it surprisingly had a lower number of kills than expected at 22. BLG was able to perform well around the objectives and kept the game relatively close with all seven Dragons being taken. The thirty-minute mark was the first true opening in the game, with the gold being dead even for the entirety of the first thirty minutes.

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Onto the shortest game, it was as one-sided as it could get with the North American outlet failing to put a single kill onto the board. It was domination from the get-go with T1 invading Cloud9's top side Jungle, allowing for Fudge to be dove and snowballing the game out of control. Despite C9's best efforts, T1 shut them down at every opportunity. Here is the game-time for both games, stats courtesy of

  • Shortest game: T1 vs Cloud9 – 22:25
  • Longest game: Gen.G vs Bilibili Gaming – 46:10

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