Worlds 2022 Play-in Qualification Round: RNG vs Detonation FM Recap

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Worlds 2022 Play-in Qualification Round: RNG vs Detonation FM Recap

Being known as the team that only loses Bo5's against teams that have won Worlds, RNG was expected to win.

After RNG's historical loss against a minor region, DFM fans among the 250,000 viewers of today's Worlds qualifiers held their collective breaths. But after a close 2nd game, Royal eventually adapted to the situation, crushed the opposition, and showed the world how they won MSI 2022.

Royal Never Give up vs Detonation FM Game 1

DFM scored the first qualifier win against the teamfight king with better set-ups, solid positioning, and a hextech dragon buff gave them enough AD and cooldown reductions to fend off RNG's hard hitters. Detonation FocusMe found their rhythm right off the bat, and worked together to isolate and detonate. The gold difference past the 20-minute mark saw them snowball against the MSI 2022 champs, fighting inch by inch with 4 dragons under their belt until they destroyed the enemy nexus.

  • Teams: RNG 0 – 1 DFM
  • Time: 36:42
  • Kills: 11 – 15
  • Turrets: 11 – 3
  • Gold: 62.6k – 69.1k
  • Dragons: 2 – 4
  • Barons: 1 – 2

Royal Never Give up vs Detonation FM Game 2

RNG electing to stay blue side was an important decision that saw them through a very close Game 2. Maokai got banned for both teams and Yaharong picked Yone for his most aggressive bruiser build. With each clash evening out the score, the game seemed like it could've gone either way in the midgame. It was a slower game than game 1 as Drake went untouched 8 minutes into the game. Both teams were wary of each other until DFM won early skirmishes that earned them the first Rift Herald and fire drake. DFM's better control over jungle resulted in better ganks that let them keep the gold advantage, but could only hold it together for so long. RNG kept their distance from Evi's Kenen and engaged in much better teamfights in the midgame that allowed them to reclaim the lead in midgame. A smart Baron bait allowed Royal to turn the tide altogether, luring what was left of DFM to mid bush to finish them off. Breathe and Xiaohu were powerhouses that capitalized on Detonation's mistakes and secured a large enough lead to win by a landslide.

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  • Teams: RNG 1 – 1 DFM
  • Time: 32:35
  • Kills: 19 – 9
  • Turrets: 9 – 3
  • Gold: 65.5k – 54.2k
  • Dragons: 3 – 1
  • Barons: 2 – 0

Royal Never Give up vs Detonation FM Game 3

Once they tasted blood in the water, RNG's took immediate control over bottom and mid lane. Game 2 proved that the Chinese #1 seed was able to learn and adapt around DFM's playmaking, and they knew it. Evi's Tryndamere was an interesting pick, considering there was a Sylas on the enemy team. RNG's ban on Yone and Kennen helped them win the early game trades against DFM for the first time. Misplays at top side gave Royal a confident early game lead that they were able to keep throughout the game. DFM had to forego objectives and tried to stop RNG's snowball. Wei's jungle domination pushed his team's gold lead and encouraged them to push the lanes, while good reads by the rest of the RNG players gave them an advantage in every skirmish. Eventually, Royal's strong commitment to get picks in team clashes earned them 10k gold over DFM. The JPL reps dug in their heels during the late game, making tough decisions to try to stop a split-push that was a nightmare to deal with. Xiaohu's triple kill was the final nail in the coffin, giving the MSI 2022 champions their second win for qualifiers.

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  • Teams: RNG 2 – 1 DFM
  • Time: 35:22
  • Kills: 17 – 4
  • Turrets: 10 – 1
  • Gold: 72.0k – 55.3k
  • Dragons: 4 – 1
  • Barons: 2 – 0

Royal Never Give up vs Detonation FM Game 4

The fourth game was an absolute killfest that secured RNG their 3rd and final win. Putting the power players on blue side was no disadvantage to RNG at all. Strong dives from LPL #1 at top and bottom lanes quickly escalated to a 0-7 score in the first 10 minutes. DFM got severely punished for their overextended plays, and RNG was able to find enough wind for their sails to take first drake and crash against the JPL. Royal didn't show any signs of stopping. And with another 10k lead, they overwhelmed Detonation in a show of devastating force that showcased what they were going to bring to the main groups stage in New York.

  • Teams: DFM 1 – 3 RNG
  • Time: 27:00
  • Kills: 4 – 19
  • Turrets: 0 – 10
  • Gold: 42.1k – 57.6k
  • Dragons: 0 – 4
  • Barons: 0 – 1

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Worlds 2022 Play-in Qualification Round: RNG vs Detonation FM Recap
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