World of Warcraft Characters Part 3 – The Rest

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World of Warcraft Characters Part 3 – The Rest

Let’s take a look at the leading World of Warcraft characters that are not a part of the Alliance or Horde. All of them are legends, so click to learn more.

Learning more about the World of Warcraft characters will allow you a lot more fun while playing. You will know the storyline and who’s responsible for what, which is always a good thing. Moreover, you can take part in many quiz shows all around the world and surprise your friends with your knowledge.

World of Warcraft Characters – The Rest

We have already covered the World of Warcraft Characters for the Alliance and the Horde, which means it’s time to look at the rest. Although some people may think they are not important, the names you are about to see are one of the reasons why WoW is a legendary game. Without further ado, let’s learn more details about each one.

Li Li Stormstout – Pandaren

As her name suggests, Li Li is a part of the Stormstout family, which is known for its wanderlust. Li Li grew up under Strongbo’s watchful eye, who swore to protect her when she decided to run away and search for Chen, her uncle.

Since she loves traveling, Li Li is one of the wow characters that has been to a lot of places and eventually discovered the Pearl of Pandaria, which resulted in the return of Chen Stormstout. “The Wild Dog” reunites with her uncle and has the chance to roam around Pandaria.

Current Status – Alivce in the Valley of the Four Winds

Valeera Sanguinar – Blood Elf

Valeera is an interesting Blood Elf that is not a parto of the Horde or the Alliance. This is one of the World of Warcraft characters known for being a survivalist. However, she was caught stealing and had to work as Gladiator, where she met Lo’Gosh and eventually discovered that this was Varian Wrynn. Once that happened, Valeera and Broll Bearmantle, her druid friend she met while she was a gladiator, decided to help the young Stormwind King gain his throne back. This was when they faced Onyxia.

After a series of events, Wrynn re-claimed his throne and allowed Valeera to be his advisor in Stormwind. Although she accepted, she is only loyal to  Varian and his son, not the Alliance.

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Current Status – Alive in Stormwind Harbor

Shaohao – Pandaren

Everyone who played the Mists of Pandaria knows this is one of the most important World of Warcraft characters. Shaohao was the last emperor of the ancient Pandaria who used Jinyu to see the future, and he did not like it at all. Determined to change the faith of his people, he met with wow characters like Jade Serpent Yu’lon to seek advice. This was when he had to overcome all of his negative emotions, which meant he had to defeat fear, anger, and more. 

Current Status – Alive in Timeless Isle

Taran Zhu – Pandaren

Taran Zhu is one of the more mysterious World of Warcraft characters who is the leader of the Shado-pan. The latter is an order to protect the land from evil spirits. He has dedicated his life to safe Pandaria, but he wasn’t able to protect the sacred land from the arrival of the Horde and Alliance. Although he was against them at first, he eventually accepted the newcomers and even joined forces with other wow characters so they could fight the Thunder King and Garrosh Hellscream.

Current Status – Alive in Jade Forest and several other places

The Lich King – Undead

There is no arguing that this game has a lot of epic World of Warcraft characters, but The Lich King is on another level. Although there is some controversy about how the Lich King came to be, he is known as the Lord of the Scourage and came into existence after Kil’jaedan locked Ner’zhul’s spirit in a cask, which became The Frozen Throne.

Although the Lich King was essentially the Burning Legion’s puppet, he decided to break free and summed none other than Arthas. The latter was threatened by Illidan at the time, so he went to Outland and put the Lich King’s helm.  In the end, he became way too strong, which caused Hordes and Alliance to team up with other wow characters and try to defeat him. Although they succeeded, they realized the Scourge needed a leader, so Bolkvar Fordragon volunteered and became the new person in charge of the damned.

Current Status – Destroyed

Illidan – Demon

Also known as Illidan the Betrayer, this is one of the iconic World of Warcraft characters that most people are aware of. He is a night elf who became a Demon because of his thirst for power. He eventually decided to work alongside the Burning Legion and made sure Sargeras would come to Azeroth. Sadly for Illidan, things did not go as planned and he failed. 

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Illidan was imprisoned, but Tyrande released him and hoped he had changed, but this was not the case. He became a Demon after using the Skull of Gul’Dan and joined the Legion.

Current Status – Alive in the Black Temple

Deathwing – Dragonkin

Old-school Warcraft fans will know that this is one of the World of Warcraft characters that was known as Neltharion, one of Dragon Aspects. Even though he was good at first, he was driven to madness and turned against the others. However, he was eventually defeated by them and had to go to Deelholm.

Once the Lich King fell, Deathwing returned to Azeroth and brought with him the Cataclysm. His goal was to end life on Azeroth, but this did not happen because Thrall helped the Dragon Aspects stand against him and defeated the deadly dragon.

Current Status – Deceased

Lei Shen – Mogu

Also known as The Thunder King, Lei Shen is one of the legendary World of Warcraft characters. He is the son of a warlord, which explains why his goal was to create an empire. To succeed in his goal, Lei Shen started searching for a device called the Engine of Nalak’sha, and once he got it, he became the ruler of Pandaria.

Even though he was defeated, the Zandalari trolls joined forces and resurrected their leader. Needless to say, Lei Shen was not happy with what happened, so, like other wow characters, he decided to take revenge by defeating all Pandaren.

Current Status – Deceased

Wrathion – Dragon

One of the black dragons on Azeroth is definitely among the interesting World of Warcraft characters. According to WoW’s lore, he is the only black dragon that the Old Gods do not corrupt. Nevertheless, Wrathion was famous for using different assassins to eliminate his enemies. This character has revealed himself to both factions because his goal is to defeat a threat that will need the combined efforts of all heroes in Azeroth.

Current Status – Alive in Hilsbrad and several other locations on Pandaria

Chen Stormstout – Pandaren

Known as the legendary brewmaster, Chen Stormstout is among the World of Warcraft characters who was born on the Wandering Isle. Similar to others, he likes exploring, which is why he got involved in a lot of adventures, Chen is Li Li’s uncle, so together with her, the two decided to find the Pearl of Pandaria. Once that happened, he was able to visit his ancestors’ home, but this did not last long because the Horde and Alliance eventually discovered this place.

Current Status – Alive in Durotar

World of Warcraft Characters Part 3 – The Rest
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