World of Warcraft Characters Part 2 – The Horde

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World of Warcraft Characters Part 2 – The Horde

Here is a full overview of the World of Warcraft characters that are important for the Horde. Click to read more details about it.

After revealing the World of Warcraft Characters for the Alliance, Part 2 of this series of articles will be devoted to The Horde. Many people are fans of The Horde and choose them in all World of Warcraft expansions. Most will probably know a thing or two about the faction’s biggest names, but others haven’t had the chance to read anything yet. That’s why we are about to learn more details about each of the wow characters. 

World of Warcraft Characters Part 2 – The Horde

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Ner’zhul – Orc

The chieftain of the Shadowmoon Clan is a very important shaman for the Iron Horde. Famous for his ability to communicate with the spirits, Ner’zhul was a very important person in the Iron Horde. Although he and his clan weren’t keen on joining at first, they had no choice because Grommash Hellscream would’ve destroyed them.

Ner’zhul wasn’t happy with was going on, so he decided to seek the shadow arts. While doing it, he revealed an ancient source of void magic that made him one of the strongest World of Warcraft characters alive.

Current Status – Deceased

Blackhand – Orc

When talking about legendary World of Warcraft characters, many people will think of Blackhand. This should not be a surprise because he is one of the most popular warlords in WoW’s lore. Famous for his leadership capabilities, Blackhand took part in many battles and led his people to victory. 

Blackhand became the first chieftain of the wow characters to join the Iron Horde, which Grommash Hellscream formed. The leader of the Blackrock clan “industrialized” warfare by introducing things like machines and other tools to help him succeed. 

Current Status – Deceased

Kilrogg Deadeye – Orc

Deadeye was born in the Draenor clan, but he was not like the rest and refused to wait and be killed. Like other World of Warcraft characters, this one carried out a special ceremony that allowed him to see his own death. Knowing this information gave him incredible power because he knew he would survive the upcoming encounters. 

People who played all World of Warcraft expansions may remember when he took control of the Bleeding Hollow. The latter is known as one of the most savage and ruthless clans of the Iron Horde. 

Current Status – Deceased

Grommash Hellscream – Orc

There are a lot of popular World of Warcraft characters, but Grommash Hellscream is on another level. He is the chieftain of the Warsong clan and is known for the fact that he never fled from a fight. He and his favorite axe, Gorehowl, ripped through countless enemies, allowing Grommash to become a living legend.

What’s interesting about the Orc is that he met with a stranger who warned him that someone would try to betray the orcs. Using this information, Grommash decided to unite all works and created the Iron Horde.

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Regardless of the World of Warcraft servers you may be using, there is no arguing that Grommash Hellscream is one of the legendary wow characters. That’s one of the reasons you may find many players using similar nicknames.

Current Status – Deceased in the main universe, Alive in the alternative one

Kargath Bladefist – Orc

Once a prisoner, Kargath sliced his hands to escape prison, which motivated others to do the same. Consequently, this is one of the most important World of Warcraft characters because he created the Shattered Hand clan. Unsurprisingly, he also became the clan’s chieftain.

The Shattered Hand clan eventually joined the Iron Horde and became one of the strongest members. Since the orcs there have gone through a lot, they are among the most dominating and unpredictable members.

Current Status – Deceased

Sunwalker Dezco – Tauren

Dezco is one of the World of Warcraft characters that not a lot of people know about. His lore is interesting because he and other members of the Dawnchaser tribe had a vision of a golden land. Even though the tribe had to pay a hefty price to get there, eventually, Dezco and his people reached the Valley of Eternal Blossoms. Once there, Andruin Wrynn helped the tribe settle at the Shrine of Two Moons, and they started finding the place.

Later on, Dezco was informed that one of his children was destined to become the protector of the Golden Lotus. He was reluctant and decided to go back to Mulgore, but was attacked on his way there, and one of his sons died, whereas the other was deadly wounded. Fortunately, with the help of Vale’s waters, the Tauren survived, and Dezco, one of the wow characters, allowed him to become the protector of the Golden Lotus.

Current Status – Alive in Pandaria

Rexxar – Mok’nathal

Even though he is a child of an Orca and Ogre, Rexxar is one of Horde’s greatest World of Warcraft characters. His size and strength helped him a lot, but he felt betrayed by his own kind, which is why he and his friend Misha disappeared in Azeroth. 

However, after Rexxar met with Thrall and the latter convinced him that the Horde was different, he decided to stay and help. This was when the Horde had to fight against the Grand Admiral Daelin Proudmoore and his army. Thanks to Rexxad, the Horde won, and the admiral died. 

Current Status – Alive in Thunderlord Stronghold, Blade’s Edge Mountains

Garrosh Hellscream – Orc

The son of Grommash Hellscream is one of the legendary World of Warcraft Characters that everyone knows. He was raised on Draenor, which meant he did not drink from the Demonic Blood, unlike his father. 

Garrosh was not that popular while his father was reigning, but he eventually met with Thrall and formed the endowed Horde. Unhappy with the orcs' corruption, Garrosh dedicated his life to fighting the plague and freeing his race. Sadly, he also did a lot of bad things to empower the Horde, which eventually led to his trial for crimes he committed against Azeroth. That said, he did not receive a sentence because Garrosh Hellscream managed to escape with the dragon Kaizodormu.

Current Status – Deceased

Sylvanas Windrunner – Undead

Also known as The Banshee Queen, Sylvanas Windrunner is one of the most popular World of Warcraft characters in existence. She was one a general of Silvermoon who died when the land was invaded. However, her death was not the end because her soul was stolen by Arthas, who made her a warrior of the Scourge. 

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With that said Illidan’s attacks on the Arthas allowed Sylvanas to escape and form a new home near Lordaeron. Known as the Forsaken, the goal of these wow characters was to destroy the Lich King.

Current Status – Alive in Undercity

Vol’jin – Troll

Vol’Jin is a part of the Darkspear Tribe, and he is the leader of his people, similar to other World of Warcraft characters. Interestingly, he was really close with Thrall and even became one of his most trusted people. Sadly, once Garrosh came to power, Vol’jin moved back to the Echo Isles from Orgrimmar because he disliked the young leader.

After years of “campaigning” against Garrosh, Vol’Jin eventually led a revolt that brought him down. Following that, Vol’jin became the new warchief and became the first troll to have this title. 

Current Status – Reincarnating

Baine Bloodhoof – Tauren

Many people who have read more details about the World of Warcraft characters know that Baine Bloodhoof is the leader of the Tauren. He’s the son of the High Chieftain Cairne Bloodhoof but had to take the tron after his father died to Harrosh Hellscream after the defeat of the Lich King. Despite the fact that Baine does not trust Hellsvream, he is fighting for the Horde alongside other wow characters

Current Status – Alive in Thunderbluff

Lor’themar Theron – Blood Elf

Lor’themar Theron became among the intriguing World of Warcraft characters that stood by Sylvanass Windrunner’s side and helped the high elves in battle. However, once the undead came and Sylvanas died, Lor’themar helped his people regroup, and they called themselves blood elves.

Even though Lor’themar was eager to help Kael’Thas Sunstrider, the latter was involved in demonic activities, so he coped against him. Once Sunstrider was down, Lor’themar became the leader of the Blood Elves.

Current Status – Alive in Silvermoon

Honorable Mentions

Aside from the World of Warcraft characters related to the Horde mentioned above, there are several other names that deserve attention. Some were a part of the Horde lore-wise, but for whatever reason, they are not there right now.

Fenris – Orc

Fenris was once a part of the Frostwolf clan, but after his success in battle was not respected by his father, he felt humiliated. That’s the reason why he became a part of the Thunderbirds and got a new nickname – the Iron Worf.

Current Status – Deceased

Durotan – Orc

Durotan is one of the World of Warcraft characters that got a lot of fans following the movie. He was the leader of the Frostwolf clan. Although he was the youngest of 3 brothers, Durotan became the leader of the clan after Fenris vanished. 

Current Status – Deceased

Gul’dan – Orc

Gul’Dan is one of those World of Warcraft characters that needs no introduction. He is known as the first warlock and the “ambassador” of the Burning Legion. Once a part of the Shadowmoon Clan, Gul’Dan drank demon blood and eventually formed the Shadow Council. His idea of this and other wow characters was to subjugate all orcs to the Burning Legion.

Current Status – Deceased

Thrall – Orc

Once a slave, Thrall, also known as Go’el, is a Shaman who re-formed the Horde. He became the Horde’s warchief and led his people to Durtaor, a land that was named after Durotan, Thrall’s father. One of the most popular World of Warcraft characters stepped down from power when Deathwing arrived and chose Garrosh Hellscream to be his successor.

Current Status – Alive in Orgrimmar

World of Warcraft Characters Part 2 – The Horde
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