Work on Next FFXIV Expansion Has Begun, Naoki Yoshida Confirms

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Work on Next FFXIV Expansion Has Begun, Naoki Yoshida Confirms

Newfound Adventure kicked off a new journey for the Warriors of Light. And head of the Realm, Naoki Yoshida is already looking toward the future!

The Unending Journey

While Endwalker wrapped up one of Final Fantasy XIV's most prominent storylines, Square Enix Business Division 3 is still far from done with the world of Hydaelyn. And while we've previously mused on where the journey might take us next. With 6.1 we pick up the trail on questions asked all the way back in A Realm Reborn. XIV doesn't miss a beat in laying out a story, which will probably lead to a mid-expansion finale by 6.3 sometime in December or early 2023.

Most recently, director and producer Naoki Yoshida spoke to pop culture magazine NME. Revealing that the story for the upcoming 6.X main scenario had already been completed. And that they are now considering what 7.0 might look like.

In his words:

“The plot for the main scenario in the Patch 6.X series has already been completed and we’ve decided on its conclusion. […] Currently, script-related work for several patches and work on the detailed plot are underway. In fact, on my end, I’m already deciding on what I envision for 7.0. You see, Final Fantasy 14 is tough work…” -Naoki Yoshida via NME

This is no surprise, since Final Fantasy XIV runs roughly on a 2-year patch cycle. The real question for players is now, where the journey will take us. All major threats are under control, and for the first time since launch. There is no real direction for our humble adventurer. Which might be for the better. After the trials of Endwalker, our Warrior's of Light deserve a light-hearted adventure. Before we go back to slaying eldritch horrors.

Final Fantasy XIV's Development Cycle

While this development plan seems somewhat unusual, it's just par for the course for the XIV team. Who usually outlines their patch cycle before the release of the expansion, while simultaneously working on the next one. At PAX West 2019, lead narrative director Natsuko Ishikawa revealed that they were asked to outline the story of Shadowbringers mere weeks after Stormblood's release. The talk itself is very insightful if you want to know how the team goes about the story and art direction.

It is also still in the air if the team of Banri Oda and Natsuko Ishikawa will be once again responsible for the main scenario. Especially with Business Division 3 also concluding the work on Final Fantasy XVI and moving on to new projects.

For those not in the know, Banri Oda is one of the people responsible for the world of Final Fantasy XIV. He also wrote one half of the main scenario of Stormblood. Ishikawa had gotten her start on the XIV team as the writer of several questlines and raids. Most prominently the Crystal Tower Alliance Raids, the Omega Raids and the much-beloved Dark Knight questline. Which are considered by many as some of the MMO's best story content. After writing the other half of Stormblood, both of them teamed up and churned out what is arguably one of the greatest Final Fantasy stories of all time. And turned XIV from a great MMORPG to one of the industry's standout.

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Work on Next FFXIV Expansion Has Begun, Naoki Yoshida Confirms
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