Witchfire Best Skills

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Witchfire Best Skills

In a game like Witchfire, combat is certainly a very important aspect and since it is not a simple game to play, it is useful to have “help” who is able to make things easier. And this is why skills, or, as the game calls them, Arcana, come into play.

In this article, therefore, we will tell you everything you need to know about the Witchfire best skills that you can use to make the challenge a little less difficult. Obviously, there are several things to consider, but we'll talk about them in detail in this article.

Witchfire Skills Explained

Let's start by saying, before even listing what, in our opinion, are the best skills to use, that in Witchfire they work differently. These are not real skills, but more of a sort of boosts that you will be able to obtain during your expeditions. In fact, they are not always available and cannot be unlocked with in any other game, but these are boosts that you can find while playing and that you can equip for the duration of that expedition.

This is certainly an interesting choice made by the developers, which may not please everyone but, in reality, it allows you to have a different approach and to use a different Arcana. This, therefore, allows you to better experience everything the game has to offer. As we said in the article dedicated to the Arcana, there are many of them, and they are divided into three different categories, so it is worth trying as many as possible.

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However, there is a problem: they are random. Every time you kill a cluster of enemies, a crystal will appear that you can absorb and then choose which Arcana to unlock. But which Arcana will be proposed by the crystal is not something we can know a priori. For this reason, it may happen that you are unable to find those that are on this list. It is worth underscoring this before proceeding further.

Witchfire Best Skills

Best Skills: Firearms

  • Fast Reload: Faster weapon reload.
  • Firearm Mastery: Increased weapon stability, handling and aiming down sight speed.
  • Range Boost: Increased weapon range.
  • Firepower Boost: Increased weapon damage.
  • Stun Bullets: Bullets knock back and stun enemies much faster.

Best Skills: Spells

  • Lasting Element: Elemental status effects on enemies last longer.
  • Light Spell Recharge: Faster Light Spell recharge.
  • Heavy Spell Recharge: Faster Heavy Spell recharge.
  • Double Light Spell: Light Spell has one extra charge.
  • Immunity Spellcast: Casting a spell grants a short moment of immunity to enemy attacks.

Best Skills: Varia

  • Health Boost: Increased Max Health.
  • Weakened Enemies: Enemies have less health.
  • Bonus Elixir: An extra elixir slot.
  • Rejuvenation: Faster Stamina regeneration.
  • More Stamina: More Stamina.
Witchfire Best Skills
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