Wisdom Gaming Rebrands Esports Org & Announces New VP Of Esports

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Wisdom Gaming Rebrands Esports Org & Announces New VP Of Esports

The new Torrent will be led by a familiar face.

Today, Wisdom Gaming had two big announcements for fans. First of all, their esports organization, formerly named Alpine Esports, is now rebranding as Torrent. On top of that, former Director of Esports Wade “Dreadnaught” Penfold is being promoted to Vice President of Esports. Before he was with Wisdom, Penfold was a pro player, streamer and commentator for various games. These include Apex Legends, Rocket League and Heroes of the Storm.

Coincidentally, those are about the same titles he'll be leading teams in with Torrent. The team is looking to expand quickly over the next two years. They already boast championship-winning rosters in Apex Legends and Men's and Women's Rocket League. In addition, they having an ever-growing group of content creators under their banner that are beloved in the Rocket League community in particular. With this rebrand, Torrent will have a new website, merchandise and apparel. They'll also have pretty sweet decals coming to Rocket League for Octane, Dominus and Fennec car bodies starting October 5.

The Torrent Rocket League car details are shown on a variety of cars with the Rocket League and Torrent logos in the corners.

To wrap things up, the new VP Penfold shared his excitement for the big changes:

“Torrent was born out of the need to create a brand that would not only be more aligned with our community’s interest but more authentically representative of what that community looks like today. As we look to the future of bringing on new competitive esports teams and diversifying our content, our rebrand marks a milestone for our organization that aims to build a championship culture backed by our engaged community.”

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