Why Shroud Thinks Fortnite Is Better Than Warzone

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Why Shroud Thinks Fortnite Is Better Than Warzone

Popular Twitch streamer and former professional CS:GO player Shroud praised Fortnite in a recent broadcast.

Fortnite Battle Royale once sat atop the video game throne and was nearly untouchable. The game took on a life of its own in 2017 when content creators like Turner “Tfue” Tenney and Tyler “Ninja” Blevins rode its wave of popularity into stardom. Four years later and the stigma is a bit different. Publicly, Fortnite has lost a step to Call of Duty: Warzone, and viewership on Twitch reflects that.

Many top streamers have since moved on from Fortnite, leaving viewership primarily to professional players. However, one generational esports player has always had positive words for Fortnite, and in a recent stream, Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek explained what makes the game outstanding compared to Warzone.

Shroud Backs Fortnite Again

Shroud on what makes Fortnite Great from FortniteCompetitive

Shroud is a retired esports player who holds multiple championships in Counter-Strike. He transitioned to full-time streaming in 2018, where he had the opportunity to play various games. That list included Fortnite—a game that helped mold the careers of many. Shroud spoke about what makes Fortnite a great game during a recent Twitch stream.

“That’s why Fortnites a good game. Because like, in Fortnite, it’s just raw. It’s literally you against another person and it’s just a battle of mechanical skills,” he said. “You get caught? You can work your way out of it. There’s out-play potential there. That’s why Fortnites such a f****** banger game and part of the reason why it was so successful.”

It’s not common to hear a well-known personality outside of the Fortnite scene hold the game in such high regard. Given the minimum age to compete of 13, many believe Fortnite is all toxic with little to no redeeming qualities. That’s been the public perception since the casual audience withered away, at least. To hear Shroud explain his stance on Fortnite is undoubtedly a feather in the cap. Shroud explained why he doesn’t like Call of Duty: Warzone to take it one step further.

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Shroud Explains Warzone’s Flaw

Three soldiers stand amidst burning wreckage as promo art for Call of Duty Warzone.
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In the same clip, Shroud briefly discussed why Warzone is much different than Fortnite and why he is not a fan.

“That’s also why I’m not a huge fan of Warzone, either,” he continued. “It’s just ‘hold mouse one’ and there’s no real out-play potential.”

Shroud never shies away from his opinion, and this particular take goes against the grain. He looks at Fortnite and Warzone for what they are, and believes the former is a better mechanical game with what he calls “out-play potential.”

In Fortnite, a skilled player who takes damage can work their way out of that situation. The editing and building mechanics allow for that. Warzone offers less options in that regard. It’s not as easy to rally back once you're brought to low health. People often compare the two games, so it’s reassuring for Fortnite fans that someone outside of the community believes it is “a banger game.”

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