Where to Get Palworld Wheat Seeds

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Where to Get Palworld Wheat Seeds

In Palworld, since it is a game in which the survival part is very present, you will have to collect resources to be able to craft items. One of these resources is Palworld Wheat Seeds. These resources are very important for building an increasingly efficient and effective base that is able to meet all your needs. In fact, at some point in your adventure, you will definitely need to build a Wheat Plantation and therefore, you will need the Palworld Wheat Seeds. In this article, therefore, we will tell you where to find Palworld Wheat Seeds.

Where to Find Palworld Wheat Seeds

At the beginning of the game, finding this resource will not be very easy, as only two Pals will have it, namely Flopie and Dinossum. Both of these two Pals can be found in the starting area, although not exactly in the same area. You will have to explore the map a bit to get across these two Pals and get the Palworld Wheat Seeds. Fortunately for you, however, obtaining this type of resource once you have found the Pals in question will not be difficult at all. Let's see together how to do it.

Actually, you will have two different ways to get Palworld Wheat Seeds. The first is to capture these creatures and the second is to defeat them. Which of the two ways to use is up to you, as they are equivalent. If you want to use a less aggressive approach and don't want to claim victims, capturing the Pals is certainly the best method. Furthermore, this way, you will have the opportunity to use captured Pals to produce even more Palworld Wheat Seeds if you use them in your base.

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Palworld Wheat Seeds

How to Farm Wheat in Palworld

Now you know how to get the Palworld Wheat Seeds and therefore you will be able to build the Wheat Plantation. This structure will allow you to produce this valuable resource, which will enable you to build many things in the game. In fact, as we said previously, Palworld is a game that relies heavily on the survival and crafting components, so you absolutely have to pay attention to the things you can build and how you can do it.

Another thing you need to know in order to make your life even easier is that, as in the case of other structures, especially those related to plantations, if in your team there are Pals who have Gardening, Watering, Farming and Transportation skills, you won't have to do practically anything. In fact, your little companions will manage the plantation themselves and you will be able to dedicate your time, resources, and energy to something else. Consequently, our advice is to look for Pals with these characteristics to simplify the management of your base.

Palworld Wheat Seeds

Where to Get Palworld Wheat Seeds
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