Where To Find Wolves In Fortnite

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Where To Find Wolves In Fortnite

Learn where you can locate all wolf spawns in Fortnite Season 8 to complete punch card challenges.

Wildlife in Fortnite Battle Royale became an added feature in Chapter 2 – Season 5. The Primal-themed season allowed players the chance to fly chickens and tame other animals—something that never appeared in Fortnite’s lengthy history. Knowing the location of certain animals became a must for Battle Pass completionists. Some quests required players to tame, locate or eliminate certain wildlife.

Chapter 2 – Season 8 is no different in this regard. A new questline from the non-player character (NPC) Grim Fable tasks players with finding and eliminating wolves. Thankfully, we have the resources to show you where all wolves spawn this season.

Wolf Spawns in Season 8

The Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 map highlighting the location of wolves.
Image Credit: Fortnite.GG

Wildlife is abundant this season, with frogs, chickens and hogs spread around the map. Wolves have also returned for the third consecutive season. The best place to find these rabid animals is the middle area of the island. They spawn in packs of three, meaning each of the locations marked above indicates a pack.

Enough wolves exist that this challenge should be a breeze. One method to consider is landing at Stealthy Stronghold, located northwest on the map above. There are two wolf spawns and plenty of cover to evade enemies. Whichever path you choose, now you have an accurate representation of where to find wolves this season.

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