When Is TFT Set 9 Getting Released?

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When Is TFT Set 9 Getting Released?

The latest TFT set, Runeterra Reforged is less than ten days away from its release.

The wait is almost over for Teamfight Tactics enthusiasts as Riot Games has officially confirmed that Set 9, known as Runeterra Reforged, will be released on June 14 with the League of Legends patch 13.12. This announcement has sparked a wave of excitement among players eager to explore the new content and mechanics that the new set has in store.

Leading up to the release, Riot Games has already made TFT Set 9 available on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) servers. This means that dedicated players have the opportunity to get a head start and experience the latest set before its official launch. Although Riot’s PBE servers have been having a lot of trouble handling the massive interest from the players, leading to hour-long queues to get into the server. There were also multiple bugs preventing players from queuing or logging in, which caused a quite bit of disappointment to players eager to test the new set.

Traveling back to Runeterra for TFT Set 9

Set 9, Runeterra Reforged, is promised to be the most impressive addition to the TFT universe so far. The set introduces a host of new mechanics, units, traits, items and augments as usual, with a theme centered around the home of League of Legends lore, Runetera. The standout mechanics in Set 9 are the Region Portals and the Legends mechanic, which will revolutionize gameplay and add exciting layers of strategy.

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The Region Portals mechanic offers a fresh twist to each match. As soon as players enter a game, they will be presented with three portals, each with unique game-altering effects tied to specific regions. With a total of 30 Regional Portals, the possibilities for diverse and unpredictable gameplay are virtually endless.

Additionally, the Legends mechanic empowers players to equip their own Legend before the game even begins. Each Legend provides specific augments that align with different playstyles, allowing players to shape their strategies from the very start. With a total of 14 Legends to choose from, players can find a Legend that resonates with their preferred gameplay approach.

It's worth mentioning that Set 9 marks the end of mid-set updates for TFT. Starting from Set 10, each set will last approximately four months, resulting in three sets per year. This change will allow for more in-depth exploration and meta development within each set.

As the release of TFT Set 9: Runeterra Reforged draws near, anticipation continues to grow among the TFT community. With the official release date set for June 14 and early access available on the PBE, players can finally embark on a brand-new TFT adventure filled with thrilling mechanics and endless strategic possibilities. Get ready to experience the excitement and reforge your own destiny in the ever-evolving world of Teamfight Tactics.

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When Is TFT Set 9 Getting Released?
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