Whats Coming In AFK Journey Song of Strife

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Whats Coming In AFK Journey Song of Strife

Here is everything that is going to arrive, all the content in AFK Journey: Song of Strife.

AFK Journey Song of Strife will the first expansion in the sequel to the smash hit RPG AFK Arena, and fans are excited for the content to be introduced by the game so far. The desert-themed expansion will send players to explore vast dunes, and more, across an RPG adventure.

AFK Journey Song of Strife Map Art Image Teaser
Image via Farlight Games

Here is the Info we Have From a AFK Journey Leak

  • A new 7 day login event which will feature Rate-Up tickets and a free S-Level hero chest
  • A skin for Brutus unlocked for free via the story
  • New AFK Stages
  • New Primal Lord (possibly multiple)
  • Many new Legend Trial Stages
  • Changes to Dream Realm, including seasonal rewards
  • Alsa and Soren added to the game
  • New system “Magic Charms” – collect the full set to add more bonuses for heroes
  • New Equipment
  • New Artifacts
  • New 3v3 Arena
  • New Dura Trials event, will be how we get Magic Carms
  • Many new mini-games

Screenshots of the events are below. Takes from the AFK Analytica Discord server


AFK Journey Song of Strife: All The Content Revealed so Far

New Heroes

There is nothing revealed about the new heroes coming in the upcoming Desert-themed season, but from the silhouettes, we can speculate one of them to be a Mauler hero. The upcoming update will feature a list of Mauler heroes. While we have no additional information besides the teaser image for the new heroes, we expect the developers to reveal new information about the game first.

All AFK Journey Skins: How to Unlock Them

To be able to unlock the upcoming new season, AFK Journey Song of Strife, players need to reach 240 and have all main quests completed. Players would also need to accept the main-season quest in Holistone to unlock the area for the Song of Strife season.

Fans would be able to reach Resonance Level 240 easily, as the developers will introduce a AFK Journey “Final Push” event that will accelerate all rewards gained daily and grant multiple extra rewards daily on top of the ones already collected. Participating in the main quests and all the other side and other game modes will grant you additional Hero essence rewards, which will in turn help you reach resonance level 240, which is required to be able to play the four-month-long season in AFK Journey.

AFK Journey Song of Strife New Seasonal Progression System

The new seasonal progression systems introduced in the AFK Journey Song of Strife Seasonal Update will include the following:

Season Resonance Level: Resets every season

Season Hero Skills: Each hero gains one seasonal skill, only effective during the season. Unlocked after reaching Season Resonance Level 51.

Season Class Equipment: Resets every season

Season Artifact: Eight new Season Artifacts are introduced each season, obtainable through the Season Journey and various game modes. They can only be used during the current season.

Magic Charms: Resets every season. Charms come in five different qualities. Collecting three charms of the same quality will activate a hero's special ability. In the later stages of a season, you can customize your hero's stats by equipping different sets of charms. This feature was designed to be easy to develop. So magic charms don't have levels, randomized stats, or require complex inventory management skills. Soon, you'll learn more about magic charms in our Journey Unfolds video series!

Solo Leveling Arise Codes May 2024

Every season in the AFK journey will be archived for players to relive the story content introduced in that specific season once the developers introduce another new season. That is, Song of Strife will be available to experience again via the Temporal Nexus for players who dropped the game after the season concluded after four months or for fans who wish to relive the desert-filled experience once again.

AFK Journey Song Of Strife Release Date

AFK Journey Song of Strife will be available for a live server launch across all regions worldwide on MyA 10. But there is a catch: the update and the new banner will be shipped to servers after each server has completed 42 days of activity. The developers have given us an

For example, if the server was created on April 10, Song of Strife will be available to play on your server starting on May 22. For players to know more about the exact banner launch time for their specific server, Farlight Games will introduce a countdown feature in the AFK Journey menu UI.

Each season in the game is speculated to last for about 4 months, and will introduce new content, storylines, new heroes, and more.

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