What are Skill Fruits in Palworld and How to Get Them

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What are Skill Fruits in Palworld and How to Get Them

What are Skill Fruits in Palworld? Here’s everything you need to know about what they are and how to find them

Palworld is quickly shaping up to become one of the most popular releases of the year. Although the game is still in early access, it already has a pretty sizable following. People just can’t seem to be getting enough of it.

After trying out the game for ourselves, though, we can see what all the hype is about. Under all the quirky Pokemon-like Pals and cartoony graphics, the game is actually quite solid. It has a lot of mechanics that put your survival skills to the test.

But we’re not here to talk about that today. Instead, we’ll talk about another element that seems to confuse some of the newer players: skill fruits!

Simply put, skill fruits are special fruits in the game that you can feed to your Pals to teach them a new skill. There are plenty of them available on the map, and they can help you make your Pals stronger.

Of course, there’s more to it than that. So, let’s dive in as we give you a complete rundown of what skill fruits are and how you can get them in Palworld.

What Are Skill Fruits in Palworld

What are Skill Fruits in Palworld and How to Get Them
Credit: Sportskeeda

Skill fruits is a pretty self-explanatory term. It’s a fruit that gives your Pal skills!

One of the core gameplay loops in Palworld is to capture those creatures called Pals roaming around the map. They help you construct your base, collect resources, and also fight other wild Pals. 

However, the Pals that you capture are really not very strong at first. You need to level up your character and your Pal in order to make it stronger. And as your Pals level up, they can learn new skills.

For example, a low-level Pal only has one active skill that it can use. However, once leveled up, a Pal can have up to three active skills! It will also learn some skills only if it reaches a certain level.

Now, leveling up to get skills is all fine and good. But what if you wanted to get skills instantly? What you need for that is a Skill Fruit. Think of it like the TM (Technical Machine) that you could use in Pokemon.

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These single-use consumable items give your Pals the ability to learn a skill instantly when you use it from your inventory. The ability you learn depends on the type of Skill Fruit you get. 

The best thing about using Skill Fruits to learn skills is that you are not bound by the element type of your Pal. So if you want to use an Ice Skill Fruit on your Fire type Pal, there’s no one stopping you.

When you move through the map in Palworld, it’s always worth keeping your eyes peeled for Skill Fruits. Using the right Skill Fruits with your Pals will help you make them stronger and more useful for your roster.

How to Get Skill Fruits in Palworld

You’ll come across many Skill Fruits in Palworld as you progress through the map. They spawn on Skill Fruit Trees scattered around the world. These trees are unlike any others in the game. They don’t have any leaves or anything, so you’ll know when you see them.

Once you find a Skill Fruit Tree out on the map, approach it and simply press E when prompted. This will give you a Skill Fruit in your inventory. 

Using a Skill Fruit is pretty straightforward.

Simply open your inventory and right-click on the Fruit that you want to use. This will open up another menu with all the Pals you have available to you. Select the Pal you want to use the Skill Fruit on, and Voila! Your Pal now knows a new skill thanks to the Skill Fruit.

It’s important to note that Skill Fruits respawn after a while. Although it’s not stated how long it takes to respawn a Skill Fruit, we’ve seen new Fruits after coming back a second time. So, keeping a mental note of the location whenever you find a Skill Fruit Tree might be helpful.

Skill Fruit Locations

Although Skill Fruit Trees are somewhat rare, you can find them pretty easily if you simply play through the game. Checking out every nook and cranny as you explore will help you rack up a healthy number of these items in your inventory in no time.

And since finding a tree can give you multiple Skill Fruits at once, you’ll have plenty of Fruits to feed your pals. We spent quite a while playing the game, and here are a couple of Skill Fruit Trees that we managed to find:

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Skill Fruit Tree Location 1

Coordinates: -183, -527

What are Skill Fruits in Palworld and How to Get Them
Credit: Prima Games

To get to this Skill Fruit Tree, you first need to get to Seabreeze Archipelago. Fast Travel to Small Cove Waypoint and swim across the water. You’ll need to climb up to the plateau next. The Skill Fruit Tree should be on your left.

Skill Fruit Tree Location 2 

Coordinates: -183, 484

What are Skill Fruits in Palworld and How to Get Them
Credit: Prima Games

You can find another Skill Fruit Tree to the west of the Small Settlement. There’s a mountain that you need to climb. Once you get to the top, you should see the Skill Fruit Tree surrounded by red foliage trees.

Skill Fruit Tree Location 3

Coordinates: 362, -315

What are Skill Fruits in Palworld and How to Get Them
Credit: Prima Games

The third Skill Fruit Tree is located in Marsh Island. Fast Travel to the waypoint near the far east side of the map. Climb up the mountain and look for a hole near the top. You need to jump inside the hole to get to the Skill Fruit Tree.

You can also come in from the Island Hopper Waypoint if you want. From this Waypoint, head towards the east, and you’ll find the entrance to the Cave. Head inside, and you’ll get to the Skill Fruit tree.

Skill Fruit Tree Location 4 

Coordinates: 151, -14

What are Skill Fruits in Palworld and How to Get Them
Credit: Prima Games

If you have the Sealed Realm of the Guardian waypoint unlocked, finding the next Skill Fruit Tree is pretty easy. Simply head down the north path from the waypoint, and you should come across a lake. The Skill Fruit tree is located near the shore of the lake.

Skill Fruit Tree Location 5

Coordinates: -622, -260

What are Skill Fruits in Palworld and How to Get Them
Credit: Prima Games

The final Skill Fruit Tree that we found takes a bit of effort to get to. You need to navigate Mount Obsidian. Fast Travel to the Ruined Fortress Waypoint and head south. Climb the tower until you reach a plateau.

From the plateau, you need to go west, and you should run into the Skill Fruit Tree.

Level Up Your Pals

Without leveling up your Pals, you won’t be able to handle all the things the game starts throwing your way. Finding Skill Fruit Trees and using them on your Pals to give them powerful skills is a good way to add some firepower to your roster.

Hopefully, our in-depth guide could help you find Skill Fruits easily and level up your roster. Good luck!

What are Skill Fruits in Palworld and How to Get Them
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