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Scott Abrams | StarCraft Expert

Scott is a Master-league StarCraft 2 player who has been playing since 2013. He is active in the StarCraft community and is frequently spectated in the arcade. When he is not getting stomped on the ladder, he enjoys reading, writing, and photography. You can learn more about Scott on our About page.


WCS Winter 2019 Schedule Released

StarCraft WCS Schedule

Two weeks ago, Blizzard removed one of the four WCS Circuit stops and replaced it with WCS Winter, an online tournament split between two player regions: WCS Winter Americas (including Latin America, Taiwan, ANZ/SEA, and China), and WCS Winter Europe. Each WCS Winter region will have a prize pool of $60,000 and only 32 players may qualify for each region. The tournament will take place over a ten-week period until it culminates in a live-studio broadcast where the top 6 of each region will duke it out.

That’s what they told us anyway, which was nice, but they didn’t release the schedule so no one really knew when it was happening – now they have.

The first WCS Winter Europe Ro32 Group A is scheduled to happen on January 31, 2019 at 10:00 am EST and you can watch the stream here. Four hours later, the first WCS Winter Americas Ro32 Group A will begin at 2:00 pm EST.

For the complete schedule, please go here.

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