StarCraft II: Blizzard Pays Tribute to TotalBiscuit and iNcontroL with Easter Egg

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StarCraft II: Blizzard Pays Tribute to TotalBiscuit and iNcontroL with Easter Egg

An easter egg by Blizzard was discovered in Starcraft II’s multiplayer that gives a loving tribute to two of the most well known StarCraft personalities who unfortunately passed away recently, TotalBiscuit and iNcontroL.

Reddit user Subsourian pointed out the easter egg on StarCraft’s subreddit. In multiplayer, Xel’Naga towers will occasionally display a plaque of either TotalBiscuit’s or iNcontroL’s iconic logo.

The logo of iNcontroL can be seen up top, and the logo of TotalBiscuit’s old Korean eSports team Axiom can be seen at the bottom. The plaques seem to appear on the Xel’Naga tower at random when loading up a multiplayer map. Sometimes, they can even be found on the same map, if that map has more than one Xel’Naga tower in it.

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It seems like a really subtle detail that will often go unnoticed when players are too busy focusing on their APM in the middle of a match. It’s hard to think they’re going to pay that much attention to the scenery, hence why so few people noticed it until recently. That said, this definitely feels like a fitting way for Blizzard to forever memorialize the two most beloved StarCraft figures in the maps of the game itself.

TotalBiscuit was a well known internet personality and Youtuber who often acted as a commentator and critic for Blizzard’s games. He hosted the Co-Optional podcast, and he also managed the StarCraft South Korean esports team Axiom until its disbandment in 2015. TotalBiscuit died after years of struggling with cancer on May 24, 2018.

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iNcontroL was a well known StarCraft eSprots player and figure in the StarCraft II community. He hosted the weekly Pylon Podcast and casted Blizzard’s World Championship Series. iNcontroL passed away on July 20, 2019 after suffering a pulmonary embolism.

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Both internet personalities had passed away at the age of 33. Blizzard offered their condolences to both shortly after their deaths:

Blizzard also paid tribute to them by offering commemorative bundles for the two creators. The proceeds of TotalBiscuit’s bundle went to his family, and iNcontroL’s bundle was released for free forever.

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