Homestory Cup XX Day 3 Recap: Reynor Hammers Down Thors

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Homestory Cup XX Day 3 Recap: Reynor Hammers Down Thors

The Sweet Sixteen of Homestory XX’s remaining Starcraft players kicked off their tournament this morning, as they went head-to-head to decide who would either be eliminated or get knocked down to the loser’s bracket and have to work their way back up to the championship.

After two days of 32 players competing for a spot in the playoffs, the Homestory XX cup finally began their tournament of the 16 best Starcraft players. The tournament was divided into a winner’s and loser’s bracket based on who had scored the highest number of wins in their individual groups. Players in the winner’s bracket who lost would fall down to the loser’s bracket, and players who lost in the loser’s bracket were eliminated from the tournament.

Reynor versus Cure

The young Italian Zerg player and Blizzard World Cup runner-up, Reynor, once again proved he is one of the best Starcraft players currently on the scene. In one of the most spectacular match-ups of the day, Reynor managed to squeak by with a 3-2 win against fellow Terran player Cure.

Reynor opened the first match poorly when Cure crushed him with a successful Thor-Siege Tank combo, and a successful harassment strategy of his drones by Hellions and Battlecruisers. In the second match, Cure switched things up by going for a Marine-Marauder combo army backed up by Medivacs, but with a surprise, Baneling hit late in the match, Reynor managed to wipe out most of Cure’s forces and tie-up the score at 1-1. In the third match, Reynor would once again prove unable to stand up to Cure’s previous mech strategy of Siege Tanks and Thors, along with the harassment of his drones back at base. Though Reynor tried to hang-on for as long as he could, Cure won placing the score at 2-1. In game 4 of the match-up, it seemed as if Reynor had finally figured out how to counter Cure’s overall strategy. First by using queens to fend off any harassing Battlecruisers. Cure once again tried to crush Reynor with a large army of Thors, but by this time Reynor began using Zerg Vipers to pull individual Thors out of their group and pick them off one by one.

starcraft 2 homestory 20 3 1

This strategy proved extremely successful, and Cure had been completely pushed back. After many more successful picks by Reynor, game 4 ended when Reynor opened a Nydus tunnel right on top of Cure’s factories and allowing his army to completely destroy his production of mechs. At this point Cure would concede the match, and Reynor tied things up at a stunning 2-2 game. In game 5, Reynor pulled off a stunning quick win with an army of Roaches and Queens, taking cure by surprise and winning the game.

starcraft 2 homestory 20 3 2

Other players such as Serral and INnoVation managed to sweep both their matches with a perfect 3-0 score between them. Serral, in particular, displayed some of his swagger with a Baneling drop on his opponent soO. Zest, who scored the highest out of any other player during the group matches, managed to end his game against Trap with a surprise Colossus that routed Trap’s army and won him the match with a score of 3-1.

starcraft 2 homestory 20 3 3

Lower Bracket

In the lower bracket, Solar and MaNa would prove to be the stand-out players. Winning both their games against their fellow loser’s bracket players Stats and TaeJa and then going on to win against soO and SpeCial, both of whom were previously in the winner’s bracket and had fallen to the lower one after losing.

In a stunning match, Cure and PartinG managed to create the first tie of the tournament to the shock of everyone, both being unable to destroy the other’s base at the end of game 3 after both ran out of resources. Game 4 would start with the score unchanged at 1-1.

starcraft 2 homestory 20 3 4

PartinG and Cure ended up tying over the course of games 3, 4 and 5, or maybe it should be game 6. Finally, in the last match with the score at 2-2, Cure managed to secure the upper-hand after a disastrous offensive by PartinG where he lost most of his Colossuses during an ensuing rout, securing his victory.

As it now stands, eight players have been eliminated from the tournament. Currently, Reynor is set to face-off against Zest in what is sure to be an exciting match-up. Serral meanwhile is set-up against INnoVation. In the lower bracket, Solar will face up against MaNA, and Cure will face up against Trap.

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