StarCraft II: Corporate Esports Association Announces $25,000 SC2 Scholarship

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StarCraft II: Corporate Esports Association Announces $25,000 SC2 Scholarship

The Corporate Esports Association has just announced a $25,000 StarCraft II esports scholarship and a weekly tournament to go with it.

CEA, or the Corporate Esports Association, announced they are offering StarCraft II esport students a chance to compete for a $25,000 scholarship.

This announcement came with the offer of a new competition where students will compete in StarCraft II in weekly best of 5 sets, followed by a 16 player elimination bracket. The best three of these players will then be awarded the scholarships. The following prizes breakdown as follows:

First: $15,000

Second: $7,500

Third: $2,500

Additionally CEA has also announced prizes for the placement of the other 13 players in the tournament:

Fourth: $1,000

Fifth through eighth: $250

Ninth through sixteenth: $100

Players of all skill levels are eligible for the competition. The only requirements are that the students be full-time, have good standing and also have access to a school email address. Players of all levels will also be able to earn points towards a trophy they can receive in the name of school pride. The trophy will be awarded to the school with the highest win-to-loss ratio.

Registration is now open as of Wednesday, Feb 12 and will be closed Feb 29. On Feb 29 the first matches will open. Matches will take place on Saturday at 2 PM PT each week until April 18 when the playoffs begin. The tournament will conclude on May 9.  Matches will be played once a week and two will be broadcasted weekly by feardragon.

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