Warning: New Overwatch Mobile Scam Is Taking Youtube By Storm

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Warning: New Overwatch Mobile Scam Is Taking Youtube By Storm

There is a new scam going around the Overwatch community. Here you can see a screenshot of a video that has been gaining traction on YouTube.

Overwatch Mobile Scam

This video has accumulated over 130,000 views in just two days since being posted. In the description of the video, you can see a link to a website claiming you can download Overwatch Mobile.

Here’s a screenshot of that website:

Overwatch Scam Website

At first glance, this website appears almost identical to an official Blizzard website. However, it actually is a fake replica designed to trick people into logging in with their Blizzard information. If you sign in, the person who created the YouTube video and this website will be able to see your login information. If it is your actual Blizzard info, they will attempt you hack you. Please be careful out there gamers. Overwatch Mobile is not real.

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