Warhammer Day 2023 – All the Big Reveals

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Warhammer Day 2023 – All the Big Reveals

The Warhammer Day 2023 event is here, and we've got all the biggest reveals from Warhammer 40, Kill Team, Age of Sigmar, and Old World.

It's a big celebration of all things Warhammer, and as always, it's full of amazing reveals. Below, we'll have every major model or thing shown, broken up into their respective games. From 40k, AoS, Kill Team, and Old World. There's sure to be something for everyone. With this being the 40th anniversary of the franchise, we suspect we'll see some cool stuff shown off. The entire even is being streamed live on the Warhammer Twitch channel if you happen to be here before it's over.

Warhammer Day 2023 – All the Big Reveals

Below, we'll break down all the news from each of the Warhammer universes in their own section. This is an updated story with details coming after the event is over.

Warhammer Day 2023 – Warhammer 40k Reveals

Imotekh the Stormlord

Available for the first time in plastic, this iconic Necron model makes its way to Warhammer 40k.

warhammer day 2023

Sydonian Skatros

A brand new unit for the Adeptus Mechanicus, one full of all sorts of different weapon options. From a Radium Jezzail or maybe a Skatros Transuranic Arquebus… if you don't play Adeptus Mechanicus, trust us, those are real things.

Warhammer Day 2023

Warhammer Day 2023 – Kill Team Reveals

Blades of Khaine Striking Scorpions

The Eldar return for the new season of Kill Team Salvation. The set will launch alongside the new Space Marine Scout Kill Team, but will be sold separately later.

Blades of Khaine Striking Scorpions

Space Marine Scout Squad

Alongside the Striking Scorpions is the Scout Squad. Shown back at the Space Marine event a few weeks back, we now know how we'll be able to get hold of them. Again, these will be sold on their own later.

Space Marine Scout Squad

Bheta-Decima Killzone


A new Killzone for Kill Team, this time sold separately to the new Kill Team so fans don't need to add more Killzone's to their pile of shame.

Warhammer Day 2023 – Warhammer Age of Sigmar Reveals

Ionus Cryptborn

If there's one thing AoS fans (though mostly Stormcast fans) get is great centre pieces miniatures. Ionus Cryptborn is another great example of this. The pack will contain Ionus himself, plus two other Stormdrake riders.

Warhammer Day 2023

Belthanos First Thorn of Kurnoth

Again, another incredible centre-piece model, this time for Sylvaneth players. Belthanos will come alongside 6 other miniatures in the pack.

Warhammer Day 2023

Warhammer Day 2023 – Warhammer The Old World Reveals

We also have confirmation that Warhammer the Old World will launch in early 23024

Kingdom of Bretonnia Army Reveal

Kingdom of Bretonnia Duke on Royal Pegasus

The first major reveal is one of the many hero units, and it's a pretty special one at that. The unit can also be built as a Baron, so the kit has a lot of variety. You can also build it as a Battle Standard Bearer.

Kingdom of Bretonnia Duke on Royal Pegasus

Knights of the Realm on Foot

Knights of the Realm on Foot

Knights of the Realm (returning kit)

Knights of the Realm

Men-at-arms (returning kit)

Men at arms

Pegasus Knights (returning kit)

Pegasus Knights

Peasant Bowmen (returning kit)

Peasant Bowmen

FIeld Trebuchet (returning kit. Now resin)

Field Trebuchet

Handmaiden of the Lady (Now resin)

Handmaiden of the Lady

Warhammer Day 2023 – Other reveals

Necron Codex

The Necon's get the confirmation that they'll be the next Codex unleashed upon the 40k world.

warhammer day 2023

Adeptus Mechanicus Codex

And just after Necron's will come the new Adeptus Mechanicus Codex.

Warhammer Day 2023

Dawnbringers – The Long Hunt Book 3

The third book in the Dawnbringers series is here, as Stormcast lock horns with Khorne.

Warhammer Day 2023

Warhammer Day 2023 – All the Big Reveals
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