Warhammer Age of Sigmar Spearhead Boxes Introduce a New Gamemode to AoS

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Warhammer Age of Sigmar Spearhead Boxes Introduce a New Gamemode to AoS

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Spearhead Boxes are being introduced as an in-between of the Vanguard Boxes and the Army Kits – with the Stormcast Eternals getting the first one!

Even though the Las Vegas Open – or LVO 2024 reveals are still a few weeks ahead of us, Games Workshop revealed a new type of boxed set coming to Age of Sigmar. These new kits will be called Spearhead, and will be something between a Vanguard box and the Army Boxes that come with every new refresh and release, as well as every holiday season.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Spearhead: Stormcast Eternals Contents

The new Stormcast Eternals kit is a great way to add some key units to anyone starting the faction or looking to expand on their existing force. The box contains the following AoS miniatures:

  • Yndrasta, the Celestial Spear
  • 1 Stormstrike Chariot,
  • 5 Vanquishers,
  • 3 Annihilators,
  • and a Knight-Vexillor

Yndrasta and the Vanquishers are incredibly useful for almost any Stormcast army, as well as the Knight-Vexillor, but he certainly is a more valuable asset in an army built around Annihilators and other Knights Excelsior builds centred around the slow moving but hard hitting warriors of Sigmar, teleporting them around with their banner. The Stormstrike Chariot is the most interesting unit, as it isn’t available in a boxed set right now, but after Spearhead Boxes hit the market, you can get one at a discounted price. It can provide a fast attack option as well as some ranged support, but with it's Mortal Wounds on impact ability, it is a fearsome foe in melee as well.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Spearhead Stormcast Eternals

Games Workshop also assured us that most – if not all – factions will get boxed sets similar to what the Stormcast got now, so you can expand upon your favourite army if you don’t have SCE at your disposal. While these kits don’t introduce new models like Dawnbringer boxes and Army boxes, they should be a great alternative for those who look for something bigger than a Vanguard, or already has the models from them.

Is a new game mode coming to Aos?

Spearhead Boxes for all factions could mean another thing: a one-box gamemode is coming to Age of Sigmar. Games Workshop introduced Combat Patrol as a separate gamemode with kits of the same name as an introduction to the worlds and gameplay of Warhammer 40k. Combat Patrol has less complicated rules and missions and a (somewhat) good balance of each faction’s Patrols, so anyone can just pick up a box and start playing after assembling.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Spearhead Yndrasta

Players have been wondering if something similar would come to AoS, and looks like GW won’t miss out on the opportunity to bring even more players to the Mortal Realms. The Stormcast Eternals Spearhead looks very balanced with 5 different units and 2 heroes, so it could be the perfect start for any new player.

On Warhammer Community it was revealed that the Spearhead: Stormcast Eternals box will be available for preorder in the next few eeks, with additional boxes coming not long after. Stay tuned to ESTNN for further details, and don’t miss out on our recap of the LVO 2024 reveals!

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Spearhead Boxes Introduce a New Gamemode to AoS
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