Warhammer 40k Balance Dataslate January Imperium Points Changes – All of the Points Changes of the Empire of Man

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Warhammer 40k Balance Dataslate January Imperium Points Changes – All of the Points Changes of the Empire of Man

Warhammer 40k Balance Dataslate January Imperium Points Changes are here alongside the Rules changes, with some hefty nerfs and buffs.

After the delays, Games Workshop finally released the first Balance Dataslate of 2024. While this was supposed to be aimed more at the rules and datasheets, there have been plenty of points changes as well to almost all the factions – except the Adeptus Mechanicus and Necrons, who received their codices a few weeks ago, as well as the Titan Legions, the Agents of the Imperium, the Blood Angels, the Deathwatch, the Space Wolves, and the Thousand Sons. But the other factions did, so let’s look at all the points changes and their presumed impact!

Don’t forget, this is only the points changes of the Warhammer 40k Balance Dataslate, check out the rules changes here and the rules commentary additions here. Also the Chaos and Xeno parts of the point changes can also be found in our other pieces!

Warhammer 40k Balance Dataslate January Imperium Points Changes

The Imperium

Adepta Sororitas

Alongside the nerf to Triumph of Saint Katherine, some Sororitas models’ points have been increased as well: Arco-Flagellants, the Exorcist and Morvenn Vahl has been increased. Many Sisters lists saw 3 Exorcists providing indirect fire support, and Arco-flagellants were incredibly cheap action monkeys, so the nerfs are perfectly justified – but the internal balance is still not it.

Warhammer 40k Balance Dataslate January Imperium Points Changes

Thankfully, some points cuts also means that Dominion Squads, Retributors and Repentia are more viable, as well as Zephyrim. While Morvenn Vahl was increased, her Paragon Warsuit bodyguard has been decreased in points, so it evens out a bit.

Adeptus Custodes

Custodes saw a hefty buff with their Detachment Rule now working against Devastating Wounds, but they also got some points decreases, which might push them over the top. Allarus Custodians, Custodian Guard and Wardens, Vertus Praetors as well as the Shield-Captain on Dawneagle Jetbike became cheaper.

Warhammer 40k Balance Dataslate January Imperium Points Changes

Custodes suffered the most from the Stratagem duplication changes of the September dataslate, but they crept back up in winrate. With these buffs and their “new” Detachment Rule, they could become a force to be reckoned with again.

Astra Militarum

While Militarum players can now issue commands outside of the Command Phase with the buff to their Army Rule, they didn’t get much in terms of points: the Manticore’s cost has been increased, which is an unjustified change to say the least. Even if Indirect Fire is a strong ability, the Imperial Guard doesn’t do well enough to receive strays.

Black Templars

While the nerf to Crusader Squads is tough, Black Templars mainly got changes to their incredibly strong characters. High Marshal Helbrecht was ridiculous under a 100 points, and Chaplain Grimaldus has been brought in line with them – still, I don’t believe the Crusade will slow down.

Dark Angels

The Dark Angels Codex has been circling the internet for a few days now, even though the new Deathwing Assault boxes are only shipping. Still, Games Workshop felt the need to decrease the point of almost all the Dark Angels special units, especially the Ravenwing ones. Lion El’Jonson is also only 350 points now, but with a D1 sword, that’s the least he could get.

Dark Angels are still looking rough after the changes, as they are either not tanky enough (Ravenwing) or can’t kill much (Deathwing). The implementation of the Codex still remains to be seen, but they don’t look like the strongest Chapter.

Grey Knights

While the Psyker Marines got some hefty buffs with the Weapon Skill increase of the Dreadknights and the buffs to their Psycannons, the Librarian’s points were increased – and for good reason, as the character was spammed in almost every GK list.

Imperial Knights

In desperate need of help, Imperial Knights got a buff to their detachment rule, as well as points decreases for EVERY SINGLE DATASHEET outside of the Armiger Warglaive, the Knight Gallant and the Cerastus Knight Atrapos. If this doesn’t increase IK’s winrate over 45%, it’s time to rework the faction.

Space Marines

The biggest faction of them all, Space Marines actually got some really interesting changes. Thankfully, the problematic units such as Agressors, Inceptors and the Centurion Devastator Squad (who have been rising in popularity) has been hit, alongside the Redemptor Dread and Whirlwind, some staple units in any Ironstorm Spearhead army.

In exchange, all 3 types of Intercessors have been decreased in points, as well as Sternguard Veterans and Infernus Squads, who didn’t find a place since they were released with the Leviathan Box. Roboute Guilliman joined his brother as Primarch at 350 points, so the Avenging Son might also see more play.

Warhammer 40k Balance Dataslate January Imperium Points Changes

One of the weaker detachments is the Vanguard Assault Force (if you don’t play Space Wolves). While the “White Scars” won’t become the best, they also got some help with a point cut to Outriders. Space Marines already had options, but this shift allows players to build even more types of lists as the best units are a bit more expensive.

The changes of the Warhammer 40k Balance Dataslate January are extensive – so check out our other articles about all the Balance updates, as well as the Chaos and Xeno points and Rules Commentary additions!

Warhammer 40k Balance Dataslate January Imperium Points Changes – All of the Points Changes of the Empire of Man
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