Is Temporarily Leaving The Fortnite Scene

| Tags: | Author Is Temporarily Leaving The Fortnite Scene has announced through Twitter that its Fortnite roster has been disbanded.

Dmitriy “Hurmaxx” Geynts, Kirill “kiryacheFN” Griyshin, Jamal “jvmsidxx” Saydaev and Dmitry “Siberiajkee” Voronin have been holding up’s Fortnite battles since April 2020, when kiryacheFN joined the esports organization to complete the lineup. CEO Sergey Glamazda held this squad, together with the managers and content creators, in high regard. He emphatically said they were “talented and very charismatic people.”

But this squad is now being dissolved as announced on its website and through Twitter that it has decided to leave Fortnite.

Glamazda cited a few reasons behind the decision. Firstly, the Fortnite environment revolves around players to the point that organizations seem unnecessary. Fortnite content creators can earn directly from players who support them in-game. This is one thing that doesn’t help the organization in that respect. Secondly, gaining sponsorship deals were becoming difficult due to the younger age bracket that composes the Fortnite audience. has seen its Fortnite players earn a total of $387,000 in tournament prizes. They've become champions in several tournaments and participated in the Fortnite World Cup Finals. All since the organization formed its first Fortnite team in July 2018.

Glamazda, however, did not put a period to’s Fortnite exit, “The situation can always change,” he said. “We can come back to Fortnite. But as of now I’d like to thank our fans who supported us all the way and also the players who brought us a lot of joyful memories and highlights.”

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