Vancouver Titans vs San Francisco Shock Preview and Predictions – Overwatch 2 PRO-AM West Week 1

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Vancouver Titans vs San Francisco Shock Preview and Predictions – Overwatch 2 PRO-AM West Week 1

Here is our overview of the match in the OWL between Vancouver Titans and San Francisco Shock

If you’re an Overwatch 2 fan and want to watch the best Overwatch League teams in the world, you have to tune in on March 26. This is when we’ll have the chance to watch the game between Vancouver Titans vs San Francisco Shock. Both teams are among the best in the world, so we can expect a lot of action.

Speaking of action, the leading websites for betting on Overwatch 2 will provide a lot of options for it. The Vancouver Titans vs San Francisco Shock predictions will also help those who just want to watch the highest-quality Overwatch 2 action. So, here are a couple of things you should know.

Vancouver Titans

Although it was one of the most promising teams in this OWL season, VT is not living up to the expectations, at least not for now. The team is currently in 11th position in the 2022 season with just 5 wins and 19 losses. In other words, the team is in the postseason play-in cutoff, which is definitely not a place it wants to be.

San Francisco Shock

If we take a look at their opponents, San Francisco Shock is one of the best teams in Overwatch 2 right now. At the time of writing this article, the team is second, but it has 26 points, meaning it has the same as Dallas Fuel. 

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So far, SFS has 20 victories and only 4 losses, making them the definitive favorite in this series. However, Overatch 2 is an unpredictable game, so there’s always a chance for the underdog to win.

Vancouver Titans vs San Francisco Shock Predictions

A quick visit to some of the top eSports betting companies reveals that the match between these two giants will offer loads of different markets. Besides those interested in betting on this event, we’ll also share some of our thoughts about things that users might be interested in.

Match Winner

Even the fans of Vancouver Titans can’t deny the fact that their opponents are heavy favorites. As mentioned, San Francisco Shock is one of the best-performing teams in the season and the main contender for the trophy. Sadly, their counterparts are not in the best position, so don’t be surprised that bookies consider SFS the favorite.

Most Kills in the Match

How to some of the best players in the world, San Francisco Shock has a couple of players that could fight for this trophy. However, it seems like Proper is the guy who’s most likely to have the most kills. 

He’s been outstanding this season, especially on heroes like Genji and Sojourn. Unsurprisingly, we expect him to carry his team to victory during this Overwatch League PRO-AM West Week 1 match.

Who Will Win The First Map?

Although Vancouver Titans are definitely not a team that others should underestimate, in this case, we believe that SFS will win the first map. The latter is just too good right now to lose, especially against a team that’s not performing that well.

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Most Deaths in the Match

Even though we can’t be sure who’ll have the most deaths, we think that Crimzo from Vancouver Titans will have more deaths than the rest. He’s the team’s support player that mainly focuses on Baptiste and Ana. Although both heroes are good in the current meta, we feel like he won’t be able to survive long against SFS’s deadly DPS heroes.

The series’s MVP

Considering the importance of tank players in Overwatch 2, when it comes down to MVP, our pick goes to Max from SFS. That said, it will be interesting to see VT’s tank player because he is popular for being among the best in the OWL.  Of course, we're yet to see what will happen in this Vancouver Titans vs San Francisco Shock match.