Vancouver Titans Sign RunAway Roster for OWL Season 2

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Vancouver Titans Sign RunAway Roster for OWL Season 2

With all eight new teams announced for the second season of the Overwatch League, we finally have a chance to look at the rosters for the newest contenders. One of the latest teams to reveal their roster was the Vancouver Titans, one of the two Canada-based teams now in the League. At first glance, some fans may not recognize the names of these players, but many will know the lineup as the former roster of RunAway. Their roster includes Haksal, Stitch, SeoMinSoo, and Hooreg on DPS; Twilight, Slime, and Rapel on Support; and Jjanu and Bumper on Flex or Tank roles.

A fan favorite from South Korea, RunAway was a strong team back when the tournament series Apex had some of the highest level Overwatch matches. RunAway frequently faced off against some other strong all Korean opponents, including many lineups that transferred almost directly into the Overwatch League. However, when RunAway was not selected for the inaugural season of the Overwatch League, they continued to play in the Overwatch Contenders series and produced some impressive results, securing first place in the Korean division. With eight new teams for the second season of the Overwatch League, RunAway was able to land a spot through the Vancouver Titans.

RunAway has proven to be capable of taking on top-tier teams in the past. In season 2 of Apex, they were able to defeat Lunatic-Hai, the team that many players were picked up from to join the current roster of Seoul Dynasty. Later on, in season 4, RunAway reached the Grand Finals to face off against GC Busan, who would then become the London Spitfire and ultimately win season 1 of the Overwatch League. While they may not have defeated GC Busan at the time, RunAway has rightfully earned their spot among the Overwatch League teams. Once the second season begins, we will be able to see the real potential of RunAway once again, this time as the Titans.

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