Unlocking the Power of the Paint Job Upgrade in Deep Rock Galactic Survivor

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Unlocking the Power of the Paint Job Upgrade in Deep Rock Galactic Survivor

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor has many upgrades, but fans new to the series might be curious as to what the  Paint Job upgrade does.

Much like its older sibling, Deep Rock Galactic, Survivor also has weapon upgrades/enhancements as you level up. One unlock stands out from the rest, and while it looks fairly simple, feel back the paint a little and it all starts to make sense…

Paint Job Upgrade – Why it's a cracking choice

  • Brings your weapon 2 to 4 levels closer to your Overclock goal
  • Allows you to skip multiple levels of a weapon with just one upgrade spot
  • Overclocking is key to surviving late game missions. Paint Job gets you there sooner
  • It's a simple upgrade that does exactly what it says. No need for bells and whistles or working out any on-the-fly maths

+ 15% weapon damage, reload speed, more HP! These all look like fantastic options, and they are. But Paint Job brings something a little unique to the table, and we want to make you aware of it. See, Overclocking your weapons is really important, and getting a good Overclock can make or break a run at the later levels. With upgrades in short supply, you need to get to the Overclock point as quickly as possible.

That's where Pain Job comes in. It does exactly what it says on the tin, upgrades your weapon twice (for the rare one). That's it, it simply puts you two levels closer to that Overclock level. No extra damage, no extra speed, and (for now) not even a cosmetic change to your weapons. You can, if you're lucky, also pick up an Epic (3 levels) and Legendary (4 levels) Paint Job. Sadly, we've only seen the Epic one thus far, which you can see below as proof.

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Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Paint Job

Is it always the right option

  • Paint Job doesn't bring an obvious advantage right away. Instead, it's an investment in your Dive
  • If you're struggling, maybe skip it
  • Farming bugs for fun, Paint Job is perfect

Here's the important thing to note. While getting that Overclock is important, the upgrade doesn't improve the position you're in now. For a class like the Engineer who relies entirely on a Turret at the start of the game. You may need to think about getting some reload speed or fire rate upgrades out sooner rather than later.

However, if you're farming aliens with ease, and not having any major problems wiping out the bug swarm, then pick up a Paint Job and get yourself Overclocking in no time at all.

Be sure to check out the rest of our Deep Rock Galactic Survivor content throughout the game's early access period and beyond.

Unlocking the Power of the Paint Job Upgrade in Deep Rock Galactic Survivor
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