Unicorn Overlord Paladin Class Guide

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Unicorn Overlord Paladin Class Guide

Reading a Unicorn Overlord Paladin class will help people with no experience, so let’s go through everything you should know.

Unicorn Overlord is a unique new game that people have access to, and it has a lot to offer. After learning when to promote your characters in the game, we have decided to write a detailed Unicorn Overlord Palading class guide. The idea is to help you start playing with this class, so here’s what you need to know.

Unicorn Overlord Paladin Class Guide

Paladin is one of the many classes you can choose from while playing Unicorn Overlord. As you already know, each character in Unicorn Overlord has a specific class. For now, Josef is the character that comes with this class. Interestingly, the game will give you a chance to choose Paladin as the assigned class, and you can recruit Paladin mercenaries once you have liberated different forts. Of course, this will require you to progress through the story. 

The Unicorn Overlord Paladin has different strengths and weaknesses. The class is characterized by using a sword and shield, and it uses calvary. As for the Unicorn Overlord Paladin trait, it does 2x physical damage against Infantry.

Using the Paladin in Unicorn Overlord in action

Like in other games, Paladins are units that protect others. In other words, do not be surprised when you realize that Josef does everything possible to protect Alain and everyone else from Liberation. 

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Our experience shows that Paladins are good when they tank. Therefore, it’s best to use them in the frost so they can soak up more damage. This will boost the team's overall defense because Paladins can also heal allies.

Even though Paladins are pretty effective against most enemies, they have one major weakness – Flying enemies. You need to be very careful against those because they can cause problems. 

Another important thing we wish to include in this Unicorn Overlord Paladin Class Guide is the leader effect. Based on our experience, this class has the Resist Magic Assist. What this means is that it will take less damage from magic attacks. 


These were some of the basic things you should know about the Unicorn Overlord Paladin class. We will do everything possible to update this guide when there are changes in the future. Don’t forget that this is just one of the many classes that Unicorn Overlord has to offer. 

Unicorn Overlord Paladin Class Guide
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