Unicorn Overlord Hilda – How To Recruit Her?

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Unicorn Overlord Hilda – How To Recruit Her?

Unicorn Overlord Hilda is one of the characters that you need to have, so let’s see how to recruit her. We will go over the complete process.

If you haven’t had the chance to check our Unicorn Overlord Playable Characters list and learn how to get some of them, we highly recommend doing it. One name you will not find there is Hilda because we believe she deserves an article on its own.

Once you start playing, you will realize that Hilda will become the first unique Wyvern Character you will have in this game. A lot of people, however, might miss out on her recruit, so here’s how it works.

How to Recruit Hilda in Unicorn Overlord?

To get Unicorn Overlord Hilda, you will have to go to Drakenhold first. Once there, you will have to get Primm, and she will mention how she has a sister named Hilda. The latter will be with Zenoira. All of this should happen while you are completing “the General in Black” mission, which will be the first one once you go to this part of the map.

In order to recruit Unicorn Overlord Hilda, you have to complete the quest called “The Champion of Order. It will become available after you liberate the first Walled City, located in Drakenhold. 

Once you do that, you will see that Hilda will be one of the first bosses, and since Primm is her sister, you have to send her to another unit. Use the “Talk” command in order for the sisters to reunite.

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Some of you probably expect to get Unicorn Overlord Hilda immediately after that, but this will not be the case. After the conversation is over, you will have to continue the battle and defeat all enemies to win the specific map. Once done, you will have the chance to recruit Hilda. All you have to do is speak to her, and she will join your Liberation Army.

Unicorn Overlord Hilda – Conclusion

From what we have seen, Hilda is a level 15 Wyvern Knight in Unicorn Overlord. The bad news is that she will only have an Iron Spear when you recruit her, which means you will need to get additional items for this unit.

Congratulations, now you know everything about this Unicorn Overlord unit and how to get it. Don’t forget to check our guide for Beremgaroa and how to recruit her as well because she is a very powerful unit. 

Unicorn Overlord Hilda – How To Recruit Her?
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