Unicorn Overlord Berengaria – Info, How To Recruit & More

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Unicorn Overlord Berengaria – Info, How To Recruit & More

If you have heard about the Unicorn Overlord Berengaria, this means you want to know more about the character. So, let’s learn everything about it.

After revealing the complete Unicorn Overlord Playable Characters list, we want to talk about one particular character. Unicorn Overlord Berengaria is one of the options that you definitely want to have on your list, so let’s learn more about her.

Unicorn Overlord Berengaria – How to Get Her?

As of now, Unicorn Overlord Berengaria is not available in the Demo, which means that you will have to wait until the full game release to get your hands on her. Our team has investigated, and it turns out that the devs haven’t said anything about when this character will become available. What we expect is to see it during the Drakenhold liberate or shortly after that.

What’s interesting is that a lot of players have said that they should be able to recruit Berengaria after getting Aramis with Primm. According to players, you will have to send Alain to talk to her, and she will join the Liberation Army shortly after that. 

Berengaria Information 

Even though you can’t recruit Unicorn Overlord Berengaria right now, this does not mean we don’t know any information. Judging from what’s available on the official website, this is one of the characters that has been confirmed for the full game release. 

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According to what we know, she is the former leader of the Tricorn Mercenaries but disappeared at some point. After a while, Unicorn Overlord Berengaria showed up again.

Unicorn Overlord Berengaria Skills

Even though there might be some changes in this character’s skills once she becomes available, we know that she will have a couple of things. One of them is called Death Spin.

Judging from what’s shown on the official spite, Death Spin will be an ability that will allow Unicorn Overlord Berengaria to deal damage using melee attacks. What’s interesting is that this is an animation of an AoE attack, which probably suggests that Berengaria will focus on AoE damage.


This is what we are currently aware of when it comes down to Unicorn Overlord Berengaria. We will make sure to follow everything and let you know when there is more information. Be sure to put this game to the test because it has a lot to offer. 

Unicorn Overlord Berengaria – Info, How To Recruit & More
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