Twitch Streamer Adin Ross Joining

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Twitch Streamer Adin Ross Joining

Adin Ross will be kicking it with Twitch's streaming platform rival starting this week. 

In mid-January, Adin Ross received his seventh Twitch ban and couldn't stream for a week. A few days ago, Adin alluded to someone from Twitch telling him that he'll receive an indefinite Twitch ban if he continues his anticsIt looks like Adin has had enough of the back-and-forth with Twitter, as he is taking his streaming to 

While Adin has stated in a stream that he will continue streaming on Twitch if his viewers want him to, he has expressed intentions of streaming more on

The upstart streaming platform offers streamers benefits they don't receive from Twitch, making it very enticing for streamers to switch it up. For Adin Ross, one of's high notes is the lack of terms of service. This omission will allow him to speak more freely and do what he wants, something he has expressed a desire for on more than one occasion. 

Adin has already kicked off his streaming with a bang, with a live stream of Superbowl LVII, during which he had more than 100,000 concurrent viewers. As of writing this article, he is shy of 45,000 followers on 

Is A Serious Twitch Competitor?

Even with his one-week ban, Adin Ross was still a top 10 Twitch streamer based on active chat for January 2023. If his move to is permanent, Twitch will have lost of its biggest streamers. And given Adin's circle of friends, some other big-time streamers very well might join him. 

While it is still too early to judge's full potential, it's definitely worth people's attention. Since Trainwreckedtv announced his plans for a streaming platform that will rival Twitch, among other things, they've teamed up with rapper Drake. has also partnered with Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake. And if you check out's Twitter feed, they've been making good on their word of promoting smaller streamers. is exploiting the weak spots of Twitch to strengthen itself, and so far, I'd say the strategy is working. If I were Twitch, I'd take this new competition seriously. 


Twitch Streamer Adin Ross Joining
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