Twitch Rivals Zero Build World Invitational – Format and More

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Twitch Rivals Zero Build World Invitational – Format and More

The Twitch Rivals Zero Build World Invitational is kicking off; this is everything you need to know.

The world of Fortnite esports has grown with Chapter 3’s introduction of Zero Builds. The Twitch Rivals Zero Build Invitational is the latest competitive event to focus on that side of the game. This is going to be a Twitch Rivals event, but with some grandeur. It’s the world finals of a lengthy tournament with a qualification process that saw some big names from Chapter 1 of Fortnite return to a type of competitive play.

On top of that, it’s a LAN. In-person Fortnite tournaments are always a special event. Especially when they’re as packed with high-end talent as this one. The Twitch Rivals Zero Build World Invitational is following in the footsteps of some huge Twitch Rivals events in the past.

The Twitch Rivals Zero Build World Invitational is going to be kicking off in just a short while. This is how the event is going to work and what players to watch out for at the tournament.

Twitch Rivals Zero Build World Invitational

The Twitch Rivals Zero Build World Invitational is taking place at TwitchCon. It’s one of a few competitive events at the tournament. The whole thing takes place at San Diego Convention Center. The event has a full prize pool of $200,000 in total, with huge rewards for the players who rise to the top of the 20 teams playing here.

The whole event is over one day. All 20 teams compete together across matches to find a winner. This is how the format breaks down for the tournament:

Fortnite Rivals Zero Build World Invitational Format

Twitch Rivals Zero Build World

The Twitch Rivals invitational is going to be held with the top 20 trios. These teams have fought their way through the qualifiers or gotten an invite to guarantee some high-stakes action.

The game is being played in Zero Builds mode. Teams are competing in Trios. There is one extra rule here, though. Tents are banned. This is often an additional rule for this type of tournament, it prevents steamers from grinding out a mythic loadout and instantly grabbing it once the tournament starts.

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Teams will be competing across 5 different matches. They earn points for elimination and placement in the final match. Although, there are some extra point systems for ties in the Twitch Rivals Zero Build World Invitational. Victory Royales come into play for tiebreakers along with placement in the final match. For the most part, though, it's elims and placement.

Twitch Rivals Zero Build World Invitational Prize Pool

This is how the prize pool for the tournament is going to break down:

  • 1 – $42,000
  • 2 – $27,000
  • 3 – 21,000
  • 4 – 15,000
  • 5 – 13,500

There’s also an extra prize for the player with the most kills, called the Tournament Top Killer prize. That’s an extra $200 for one unique player.

Who is Playing?

This tournament is focused on streamers, not specific Fortnite pros. Those who hit the finals of the FNCS most recently are excluded. However, great talent is still involved.

The players making up the team were part of the Road to TwitchCon Zero Builds event. They had to fight their way through a lot of teams to get here. There are also going to be 8 more teams invited directly. These are the teams so far:

  • Nikof, Kyzen, EMXXRR
  • Tfue, Nate Hill, Zemie
  • zEkO, Eslipnot, Escaracho
  • MOTOR, Dom, Swifty
  • Aydan, Prospering, Virsuhh
  • P0me, Lars, Fulltrolling
  • Archie, Gilljus, Crr
  • Thiefs, Pilky, B1urAntics
  • Palermo, fakkz, Itrol
  • Piz, Zangi, alexcod
  • Building, Sharkman, Jayth
  • DrakoNz, blackoutz, Thome

Which Teams to Watch at the TwithCon Zero Builds World Invitational?

Twitch Rivals Zero Build World

Those are all of the teams that will be taking part, excluding those invited squads that are yet to be announced. While everyone represented is a strong player, there are definitely some stand-out trios. These are some of the top trios to watch out for at the event:

Tfue, Nate Hill, Zemie

Tfue, Nate Hill, and Zemie are obvious picks here, and this team contains some of the most well-known Fortnite players. At the same time, Tfue is more associated with the game’s early days. He’s definitely still a strong player. His teammate Nate Hill is also pretty well respected for his skills, along with Zemie.

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None of these guys are pros right now, but they’re some of the most talented streamers that there is. They even took first place in their qualifier.

Nikof, Kyzen, and EMXRR

This team is one that has already put in fantastic performances in this tournament. This is the squad that won their qualifier by quite a margin, getting in on the first round.

Aydan, Prospering, Virushh

This squad isn’t as widely known for Fortnite as some of the others here, but they do have a good track record. This team took the top spot at the second qualifier for this region.

On top of that, Aydan has been around for a while. He isn’t part of the competitive scene anymore, but he has a history. He played in early events leading up to the Fortnite World Cup. Taking a higher finish at that huge Fortnite event makes them a great pick for a team to follow at this event.

Thiefs, Pilky, B1urantics

This team is another squad where one player has a longer track record in Fortnite. Thiefs played in Summer Skirmish events in Fortnite’s early days, along with various competitions like Fortnite Fridays since. It has been a long time since he competed. However, his 1st place finish at the qualifiers shows he definitely still has the potential to go the distance. The other two members might not have the same track record, but they’re still fantastic players who have shown great skill in adapting to Fortnite.

How to Watch the Twitch Rivals Zero Builds Final

The World Competition for this tournament looks set to be one of the highlights of Twitch Con. The event is bringing together some top talent. There are some older faces from Fortnite making an appearance too, which should make it enjoyable to see if any of them can still cut it in the newer form of the Battle Royale.

If you want to watch the Twitch Rivals Zero Builds event, you can catch it on Twitch’s streams for TwitchCon. As this is happening at the convention itself, you can expect a stream with a bit more pomp and circumstance than the standard Zero Builds tournament. Make sure to tune in and see where players land in the final rankings for the Zero Builds event!

Twitch Rivals Zero Build World Invitational – Format and More
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