Twitch Rivals: StarCraft Streamer Showdown

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Twitch Rivals: StarCraft Streamer Showdown

Get over the Wednesday Hump by tuning in to Twitch Rivals and watch your favorite StarCraft 2 streamers duke it out for a chance to find out who's best (and win some cash) tomorrow, January 16th. The tournament itself is split between the North American region and the European region, with each region carrying a pot of $12,500. Players will receive prizes based on their performance.

You can watch the stream on the promoted Twitch Rivals channel, or you can watch it based on the perspectives of each individual streamer. Not a lot of details have been released yet, the participant list included, but we'll find out who's playing tomorrow and you'll get to tune in to whoever you want when the event starts.

Each region will have 8 players, and each region will contain an 8 player Free-For-All (it's going to get whacky), 4 pre-built show-matches, and a 10-game ladder race.

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