Twitch Rivals Fortnite at TwitchCon 2019: Recap and Results

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Twitch Rivals Fortnite at TwitchCon 2019: Recap and Results

From beginning to end, the TwitchRivals Fortnite competition at TwitchCon 2019 provided some intense matches and surprising results. The participants included a mixture of professional Fortnite players and Twitch personalities. It first began with the Fortnite Open, which occurred over 3 waves. Each wave included 30 teams with only 6 of them qualifying for the finals by way of elimination or earning a Victory Royale. All things considered, this resulted in one of the better Fortnite tournaments broadcast-wise. Let’s take a look at how the action played out.

Wave 1

The TwitchRivals tournament began under unfathomable circumstances. Match one produced the unlikely result of STRETCH clutching a 1 versus 3 against EpikWhale’s trio to clinch a spot in the finals. Match two began a dominating endeavor by Zexrow, Slappie and MackWood of Team SoloMid. They went on to win the final two matches of the wave which safely put them through to the finals. Dbree’s ultimately qualified due to their placement, although they did no earn a Victory Royale. EpikWhale, Thresh and Blakeps all saw their trios qualify by way of eliminations.

Wave 2

The second wave included an even deeper pool of talent. With names such as NRG Zayt, FaZe Dubs and wavyjacob, this wave produced some heavy-hitters of competitive Fortnite. As expected, NRG Zayt, Ghost Saf and Scatch triumphed in the first match. Perennial NA West contender, wavyjacob, led his trio to victory in match number two. The final match yielded the first shocker of the tournament when Ghost Gaming’s Fortnite team manager, Jacob MVPR, earned the Victory Royale alongside S0fa and Sheep. FaZe Dubs, Pika and Ezzi all saw their trios qualify through eliminations.

Wave 3

The third and final wave of the TwitchRivals Fortnite Open produced victors of varying histories in competitive Fortnite. Liquid Cented, NRG Edgey and Aloutte took match 1 in style whilst amassing 13 eliminations in the process. In match two, E11 Agholor’s trio of xExoph and iMrSharpShooter earned 12 eliminations and the Victory Royale. The final match of wave 3 saw the unsuspecting trio of FearItSelf, EG Monstcr and EG JTruth take first place and punch their ticket to the finals. Trios led by Clix, Wheels and 17jay earned the most eliminations over three matches to also make the finals.

Grand Finals: Match 1

Solary Kinstaar, Solary Hunter and twiks came out of the gate firing on all cylinders. The three players managed 10 eliminations and the Victory Royale to put themselves comfortably in first with three matches remaining. Ceice, Elevate and CourageJD of 100 Thieves shined as well in match one with 15 eliminations. Elevate nearly earned his trio the Victory Royale, but ultimately fell in closing moments of the match.

Grand Finals: Match 2

The ultra-impressive, NRG Mr Savage, led his trio of KingRichard and Rojo to victory in the second match of finals. With 13 eliminations. MrSavage capped off match number two with a clutch 1 versus 1 win. No other trio was even close in terms of eliminations, which earned MrSavage, KingRichard and Rojo a much-needed boost. After two matches, the leaderboard belonged to the winners of match two.

Grand Finals: Match 3

In what was quite possibly the best match of the entire day, FaZe Dubs, FaZe Megga and Ajo1x earned and a closely contested Victory Royale. As the Storm Circle narrowed, the final two participants were FaZe Dubs and NRG benjyfishy. Dubs took the calculated risk of initiating a heal-off between himself and benjyfishy. The bandages held by Dubs kept him alive long enough to earn the Victory Royale for his trio. One match remained and the list of potential winners narrowed down to just a few.

Grand Finals: Match 4

It all came down to the final match of the Twitch Rivals Fortnite competition. Our wave 3 qualifiers of Liquid Cented, NRG Edgey and Aloutte came out on top in the final match. The final moments of the match saw all three players alive and in great position for a win. Although Edgey fell to Noward, Cented and Aloutte closed in and earned the final elimination and the Victory Royale. It was unknown how the scoring would play into the final standings, but after some delay, we had our winner.

Twitch Rivals Champions

With no shortage of controversy, the broadcast crowned Tina, Pika and Rhux as the champions of the Twitch Rivals Fortnite competition. The deciding factor came down to the number of eliminations put up by this trio. Fan-favorite Tina of Gen G shined on the Twitch Rivals stream accumulating several of the trio’s eliminations. Rhux and Pika are recognizable players out of NA West, who both participated in the Fortnite World Cup. Our winning trio earned $117K USD in prize winnings. The Twitch Rivals chat voted Tina as the MVP of the tournament, which yielded a Twitch-branded trophy on top of Gold Medals and the aforementioned prize winnings. The final leaderboard can be found below:

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Twitch Rivals Leaders

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