Twitch Releases Brand New Esports Directory

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Twitch Releases Brand New Esports Directory

With the amount of time that the world has spent in quarantine, Twitch streaming has never been more popular.

The videogame industry is doing surprisingly well right now, almost on a new high following this COVID pandemic. While other industries are getting hit harder than ever, gamers are getting by just fine by staying inside and casually killing whatever enemies come their way.

So, what is the importance of the Twitch directory?

Breaking It Down

The whole point of the directory is to help subscribers and Twitch users find the exact streams they are looking for. Twitch users that browse the dedicated section will be recommended content based on their own viewing history, which increases the chances they’ll find an esports stream they’ll definitely watch.

This will overall make it easier for users to find what they’re usually looking for, as well as new programs for them to check out and (possibly) get addicted to.

The Way of The Future

The whole point it seems is for Twitch to go out of their way to appeal to esports fans. Youtube has been reaching out and collaborating more often regarding video game streaming. It seems Twitch is putting together a more structured version of their prior site, and if it works out, the streaming giant will gain even more followers over the next few months.

Twitch may rival Youtube now, but if they continue to push their streaming capabilities, there might be a chance for them to outshine them. Unlike Youtube, Twitch has been very good with their response rates to fan queries. If they are looking to defeat Youtube they’ll need to keep delivering to their core audience while respecting the community that helped them grow.

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