Twitch Prime Pack EA FC 24 – Claim and Exclusive Rewards

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Twitch Prime Pack EA FC 24 – Claim and Exclusive Rewards

What’s in the Twitch Prime Pack EA FC 24 is getting? This is how to claim the pack and what’s inside the EA FC 24 Prime Pack.

Twitch and Amazon Prime are two services which are working hard to be synonymous with gaming. While Twitch is the main home for game streaming, Amazon Prime Gaming is getting in on it now. Just like with Twitch rewards and drops, Prime gaming is a new way to get in-game rewards. Prime Packs are ways to get in-game content for being a part of Prime, just like your Twitch Prime sub. They’ve offered them for loads of games, like the Honkai Star Rail Twitch Prime Rewards. This week we’re getting a fresh offering for one of the biggest releases of the year, an EA FC 24 Prime Pack.

This Prime Pack is a rare chance to get something for nothing. Even with promotions in EA FC Ultimate Team 24, you have to budget. The Twitch Prime EA FC 24 pack though is completely free, well if you have Prime already. Anyone using this service can log in and claim their prime pack to start unwrapping some extra goods to give them a bit of a boost in EA FC 24.

EA has just announced a new wave of rewards for Ultimate Team. Even if you’re playing through the Trailblazers promo, more chances to get ahead that can’t be missed. If you’re a member of Prime with Prime Gaming Rewards there’s now a perfect chance to get involved there.

What’s in the Twitch Prime Pack EA FC 24 is getting though? This is how it works and how you can claim one.


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Twitch Prime Pack EA FC 24 – What’s In it?

EA FC 24 Trailerblazers

The new EA FC 24 Prime Pack is a way to get in-game items once a month, it’s geared towards EA FC 24 Ultimate Team this time around. What’s inside the pack though? The current pack, or Twitch Prime EA FC 24 Gaming Pack #1, has quite a few bonuses which you’ll only find here.

These are the rewards that everyone will be getting out of the Prime Pack:

  • 1 x 91 OVR Erling Haaland – On load for 8 Games
  • 4x Rare Gold Player Items
  • 1X 81+ Player picks
  • 6x Rare Consumable Items

Those are the items you’ll receive once you claim it. As this is Ultimate Team, there is always that degree of randomness. You’ve got guarantees of some qualities of items you’ll be getting here. This should mean you’re guaranteed to get at least a minimum level of reward for redeeming this! If you want to find exact players though, that’s always trickier. There is still the Callum Wilson Trailblazer Challenge going on if you want to hand-pick your rewards and special cards. The Twitch Prime Pack EA FC 24 is still a nice boost though.

How to Claim the EA FC 24 Prime Pack

If you want to get your hands on those rewards, then this is how you can claim the Twitch Prime EA FC 24 prize.

  • Visit the Prime Gaming website
  • Link your Twitch and Prime gaming accounts
  • Link your EA and Twitch Accounts – This decides where the rewards go, so it’s an important step.
  • Head to Reward page
  • Click the Claim button under the Prime Gaming Pack #1
  • Open up EA FC 24
  • Find your reward pack in the store and open it up.
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Once this is done all of your accounts will be fully online! When you claim the pack for the month, you’ll then receive each of the rewards that you’re expecting in the correct place. This is similar no matter which game is part of the Prime Gaming process. However, the accounts to connect for the EA FC 24 Prime pack are different from time to time.

How Long Do You Have to Get Rewards for Twitch Prime EA FC 24?

Twitch Prime Pack EA FC 24 - How to Claim and All Rewards

The current Twitch Prime Pack EA FC 24 is a fun reward for those jumping into Ultimate Team. How long do you have to actually claim this though? As with all Twitch rewards, it’s time-limited. You’ll need to complete the above steps for redeeming it before the monthly rewards change.

The expiry date for the Twitch Prime EA FC 24 Reward Pack is November 20. You have from now till then to redeem it! You only get one, but it’s good for this whole period. Just to be safe though, it might be wise to claim it in-game from the store before we get to the expiry date too.

The EA FC 24 Prime Pack is labelled #1, which should mean you’re looking at more coming in for the future! Once all of your accounts are fully connected, you’ll be able to claim any future packs just as easily too. With everything set up, you just need to claim future packs in the same way. You’ll get Twitch Prime rewards in-game whenever they offer more of these. We’ll have to see what’s coming in the future for Twitch Prime gaming and if there’s more for EA FC 24.

Twitch Prime Pack EA FC 24 – Claim and Exclusive Rewards
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