EA FC 24 Ultimate Team: The Top 5 Tips to Take Your Game to the Next Level

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EA FC 24 Ultimate Team: The Top 5 Tips to Take Your Game to the Next Level

Want to master the EA FC 24 Ultimate Team? Try out these simple, but effective tips to elevate your Ultimate Team prowess to a whole new level

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team: The Top 5 Tips to Take Your Game to the Next Level

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EA FC 24 marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in Ultimate Team. It offers a range of captivating challenges that will put your gaming skills and understanding of in-game mechanics to the test. As you start this journey, you'll be fully engaged in a constantly changing environment where every choice matters and each win contributes to creating the best team.

In EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, there are abundant methods to gain an edge, including fine-tuning custom tactics and populating your squad with meta players for every position. Once the game kicks off, nevertheless, it's the player's skills and actions that determine the outcome.

How To Ace EA FC 24 Ultimate Team: 5 Tips

Whether you're a newcomer to the EA Sports franchise or a seasoned player, here are some tips that can help you improve in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team.

1. Switch Off Advanced Defending

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To better handle opposition forwards, I encourage players to switch off the Advanced Defending mode. This particular defending mode allows for increased flexibility in tackle execution but diminishes assistance in positioning and tackle style.

On the other hand, when you switch to Tactical Defending, the game will make a tactical tackle selection each time you press the Circle/B button, taking into account the positioning of your defender and the opponent.

2. Make The Most Of PlayStyles

The introduction of PlayStyles in EA FC 24, which supersedes the previous “Traits” players possessed, can lead to situations of considerable dominance, particularly when employing a player equipped with a PlayStyles+.

Players who are equipped with a Power Shots PlayStyle, for instance, execute their animations at an accelerated pace, whereas those boasting the Dead Ball PlayStyle, such as James Ward-Prowse and Kevin de Bruyne, exhibit deadly precision during set-piece opportunities.

The ability to mix and match PlayStyles within your team opens the door to devastating pairings.


Photo Credit: EA Sports

As an example, you can have Lauren Hemp and Robert Lewandowski on the same team. Hemp can put some inviting deliveries inside the box, thanks to her Whipped Pass PlayStyles+ rating. Lewandowski, on the other hand, comes with a Power Header PlayStyles+ rating, which makes him the perfect player to direct that pass into the back of the net with a fierce header.

3. Master Basic Skills

EA FC 24 boasts an abundance of skill moves for players to utilize. While the most advanced ones are restricted to those with a five-star skill rating, even mastering the fundamental skills can give you an edge.

EA FC 24 offers an extensive range of Skill Moves, ranging from basic actions like the fake shot and the heel-to-heel flick to more advanced maneuvers such as the ball roll fake and the elastico. To execute an EA FC 24 skill move, you'll need to master a particular button combination on your controller.

4. Use Custom Tactics

Paying attention to Custom Tactics within EA FC 24 Ultimate Team is crucial, as they offer extensive control over your players' behavior during defensive and offensive scenarios, granting you the power to outplay your adversary.

Small adjustments, such as directing your full-backs to switch the play during attacking transitions or instructing your forward to retreat deeper, can yield significant results.

5. Master Precision Passing

For those who feel confident in EA FC 24 and are prepared to explore more advanced controls, the introduction of Precision Passing and Precision Shooting can significantly elevate your performance.

With Precision Passing, players can exploit passing lanes that default controls cannot access. This involves holding down the button for power and using the analog stick to guide the pass, which, though challenging initially, can significantly impact your gameplay.

While Precision Passes may not match the speed of standard passes, they excel in accuracy. This means you can execute pinpoint passes to locate your teammates in wide-open areas.

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team: The Top 5 Tips to Take Your Game to the Next Level
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