Twitch Introduces Brand Safety Score

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Twitch Introduces Brand Safety Score

Twitch updated its API to now include a Brand Safety Score.

The popular American video live streaming service, Twitch, has reportedly introduced a Brand Safety Score to its interface. The purpose of this addition is to “automatically grade how brand-friendly streamers are” according to a tweet posted by eFuse today.

This update to Twitch’s application programming interface (API) is being compared to Youtube; where videos receive monetization based on the content. The streaming community has responded to tweets announcing the implementation of the Brand Safety Score. There are many concerns about this change giving specific streamers favored treatment.

A few parameters determine the Brand Safety Score. They include the streamer’s relationship with Twitch, ban history, suspensions, age, chat behavior and games played.

UPDATE: Twitch Official Statement

Twitch reached out to provide ESTNN with an official statement regarding the branding score.

“We are exploring ways to improve the experience on Twitch for viewers and creators, including efforts to better match the appropriate ads to the right communities.” Said Abbie, a spokesperson from the Twitch team, “User privacy is critical on Twitch, and, as we refine this process, we will not pursue plans that compromise that priority.”

Twitch also confirmed no personal information was shared, and promised they'll be keeping the community informed of any updates ahead of the safety score's launch.

It's good to know Twitch are paying attention to community concerns. We'll be sure to keep you updated as more info becomes available.

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