Tune To Perfection – Forza Motorsport 8 Tuning Guide

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Tune To Perfection – Forza Motorsport 8 Tuning Guide

A fully upgraded car doesn't make it the ideal car. Fine-tuning makes it a rocket ship on the track. So here’s a Forza Motorsport 8 Tuning Guide guide to help you tune your car to perfection

Most cars in Forza Motorsport are built for the streets, not the racetrack. They lack the components for fine-tuning right out of the box. You can definitely change that by installing new parts by spending car points at the upgrade shop. It requires a bit of grinding but it's well worth it.

Forza Motorsport 8 Tuning Guide

Our tuning guide'll explain how to optimize your car's performance for the track. Once you upgrade your car, you can further enhance them by tinkering and tuning each upgrade in the tuning menu.

Tires And Tire Pressure 

Higher pressure means better responsiveness but less grip. Lower pressure gives more traction but risks overheating and tire wear during long races. Using the game’s telemetry system can be used to monitor how your tires are doing on each lap. 

Tune To Perfection - Forza Motorsport 8 Tuning Guide
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Street tires should stay below 80°C, sport tires up to 95°C, and race tires up to 105°C. 2.2 to 2.35 BAR or 32 to 34 PSI is a sweet spot for your car to remain stable at high speeds, through the corners and during braking.


Changing the final drive ratio impacts acceleration and top speed. A higher ratio means quicker acceleration but a lower top speed. A shorter ratio offers higher top speed but slower acceleration. The key is finding the right balance for the track.

Tune To Perfection - Forza Motorsport 8 Tuning Guide
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To do this, find the fastest spot on the track, check your current gear and speed. Set the final drive so you reach maximum speed in the highest gear with room before the limiter. This helps when you're slipstreaming opponents for extra speed and optimal acceleration.

You can also fine-tune each gear. For instance, with rear-wheel-drive cars, lengthen the first three gears to prevent wheelspin. You can also modify a gear to avoid shifting right before a corner and braking point.

Wheel Alignment

Tune To Perfection - Forza Motorsport 8 Tuning Guide
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  • CamberThis is the tilt of your wheels viewed from the front or rear. Negative camber improves grip during turns but can affect straight-line stability. Aim for around -2 to -1 degrees and adjust based on tire temperatures.
  • Toe – This is the angle of your wheels viewed from above. Toe-in enhances straight-line stability, while toe-out improves corner entry. Make small adjustments, like a bit of toe-out on the fronts for better turn-in and a minor toe-in on the rear for stability.
  • Caster – This is the tilt of the suspension from the side. More positive caster improves straight-line stability and self-centering but can stiffen steering and increase camber. Aim for around 5 to 6. Adjust it last after checking temperature changes and modify camber accordingly.
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Anti-Roll Bars, Springs, and Dampers work together to shape your car's handling characteristics.

  • Springs – Adjusting spring rates in your car impacts how it handles bumps and weight transfer. Stiffer springs reduce body roll during corners, improving stability and steering response but might lead to a harsh ride. Softer springs offer a smoother ride but can increase body roll and affect cornering. In Forza, softer springs are often preferred, but it's essential to prevent bottoming out. To find the right balance, take your car to the track, monitor spring compression, and make adjustments accordingly. Consider your car's weight distribution when tuning, opting for stiffer front springs for front-engine cars and more rear support for rear-engine vehicles.
  • Dampers – Damping settings affect suspension response. Softer dampers offer comfort but can affect precision, while stiffer ones reduce body motion but might feel harsh. Match damping settings with springs: bump follows spring rate, and rebound is slightly stiffer than the spring.
  • Anti-Roll Bars – Adjusting Anti-Roll Bars (ARBs) is a crucial aspect of optimizing your car's handling in racing. Softer front ARBs reduce understeer by allowing the car to grip better in corners. On the other hand, softer rear ARBs reduce oversteer, enhancing cornering grip. However, softer ARBs can introduce understeer on corner entry, while softer rear ARBs may lead to oversteer. The ideal settings vary based on your driving style and the specific track. Experiment to find the perfect balance for each car and track combination. ARB adjustments can provide a competitive advantage, so it's worth mastering this aspect of car setup.

Suspension Geometry

Tune To Perfection - Forza Motorsport 8 Tuning Guide
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This is a new feature unique to the Forza Motorsport 8 title.

  • Roll Center Height OffsetThis setting is somewhat like adjusting a roll bar and affects the car's handling on entry and exit of corners rather than in the middle. A stiffer front setting increases responsiveness, while a higher rear setting reduces grip at the exit. In wet conditions, reducing this setting can enhance traction in low grip situations.
  • Anti Geometry PercentThis setting influences how much the car leans to the front during braking and to the rear during acceleration. It is somewhat similar to adjusting the spring and damper settings. It's like a roll bar for the front-to-rear axle. A higher setting stabilizes the car during braking and acceleration but lowers grip-load on that side of the car during the respective phase.
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Aero settings are crucial for those fast turns and high speed stability.

  • High Wings – Boosting grip through added front or rear downforce is a double-edged sword. Extra front wing cuts understeer but can create oversteer, while raising the rear wing reduces oversteer but may introduce understeer in fast corners. Keep in mind, higher downforce also means more drag, slowing down your top speed—a potential drawback in online races.
  • Lower Wings – Adjusting your car's wings is a balancing act in racing. Higher wings boost cornering grip but slow you down on straights. Lower wings can help online, so keep sliders close for balance and tweak as needed. Correct understeer with more front wing and counter oversteer with higher rear downforce.


  • Brake BalanceThis slider determines how much braking force shifts to the front tires compared to the rear. It's recommended to set it between 55 and 48, with a sweet spot at 49. Oddly, this differs from real cars, where a brake balance under 50% can lead to the rear brakes locking up. However, in the game, this setting significantly improves braking performance.
  • Brake Pressure – Brake pressure is a subjective setting. If you're unsure, leave it at 100%. Reduce it in small steps if you experience lock-ups until you find your ideal setting.


The differential allows wheels on the same axle to rotate at different speeds. You can set it between open (0%) and locked (100%). Open differentials can lead to traction loss under power, especially in corners where the inside tire may spin.

For RWD Cars set acceleration between 40-60% and deceleration between 20-40%.  Front-wheel-drive cars require different settings. Aim for 20-30% acceleration and 0-10% deceleration. 

Steering Wheel

  • Force Feedback Scale: This setting helps you find the right Force Feedback (FFB) stiffness for your car. It allows you to adjust the FFB without altering the overall FFB gain setting in the options menu. 
  • Steering Lock Range: This setting changes the amount of steering input needed, making it snappier or looser. It's advisable to leave it at 100%.


There you have it, our take on how you can fine tune your car to perfection in Forza Motorsport 8. Mastering these changes will help you really understand your. It will help you improve your lap times and give you the competitive edge when racing with pros from all around the world.

Tune To Perfection – Forza Motorsport 8 Tuning Guide
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