Mastering The Basics To Drifting – Forza Motorsport 8 Guide

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Mastering The Basics To Drifting – Forza Motorsport 8 Guide

Driving sideways on a track is a cool and stylish way to win a race. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how you can master the art of drifting in Forza Motorsport 8

If you missed out on Tokyo Drift and the thrill of car drifting in games during your childhood, you've certainly missed a unique experience. Drifting, the art of controlled sideways driving through bends while maintaining speed and control is exhilarating and a great way to enhance your vehicle control and handling skills.

While virtually any car can drift, some are better suited for this purpose. In the following sections, we'll shift into the drifting world in Forza Motorsport 8.

Prerequisites to Drifting

Mastering The Basics To Drifting - Forza Motorsport 8 Guide
Credit: ForzaMotorsport

For the perfect drift you have to make sure that your car checks these features:

  • Drivetrain: Your drivetrain dictates how power from the engine is sent to the wheels. Rear-wheel drive cars are ideal for drifting because they can easily lose traction and slide sideways. All-wheel drive can work for drifting, but it's more challenging to control. Avoid front-wheel drive (FWD) as they understeer and aren't suitable for drifting.
  • Weight and Balance: Keep your car's weight low and the load balanced for better drifting. Low weight and a balanced distribution make it easier to initiate and control a slide. 
  • Power and Torque: More power and torque are beneficial for drifting. They help you accelerate quickly and maintain the slide. However, excessive power can make the car unstable.
  • Engine Placement: Drifting is simpler with rear-engine cars as they can easily lose traction and slide sideways. Mid-engine cars can drift too but require more skill to control. Drifting with front-engine cars is challenging due to less traction on the rear wheels.

Building a Custom Drift Machine

Mastering The Basics To Drifting - Forza Motorsport 8 Guide
Credit: ScreenRant

Here's a guide on how to upgrade and tune your car for drifting:

  • Upgrades for Drifting: Before hitting the track, it's essential to make some upgrades to optimize your car for drifting. These include engine and aspiration upgrades that will increase horsepower and torque.
  • Tire: Select a Sport tire compound for improved performance on the road. This will provide the right amount of grip when you lose traction. Keep in mind that lower tire pressure makes the tires stickier, while higher pressure helps you initiate slides. Adjust the pressure in both the front and rear tires to fine-tune your grip in specific areas.
  • Suspension: Ensure your car has a Drift suspension. This suspension setup will significantly improve your control and maneuverability on the track. It's a crucial component for making your drifts easier.
  • Camber Tuning: Fine-tune the Camber settings on your tires. This impacts the grip you have through turns and the precision of your cornering. Experiment with Camber settings to find the right balance for your drifting style.
  • Final Drive Ratio: A common rule of thumb is to set your 3rd gear to max out at around 115 MPH, but this can vary on what car you choose and its handling characteristics. Lowering the drive ratio will increase your top speed, while raising it will enhance acceleration. 
  • Differential (LSD): Maximize both the Acceleration and Deceleration bars on your differential to lock it. This ensures that all your wheels spin at the same rate, providing better control during drifts.
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Best Driving Assists

Here's what you should consider changing on you driving assists before hitting the track:

  • Anti-Lock Braking: You can decide whether to leave ABS on or turn it off. Turning it off can help you better understand how brakes actually work in drifting.
  • Throttle: Set your throttle to “Unassisted” for more control during drifting.
  • Manual Shifting: Opt for manual shifting to have direct control over your car's gears.
  • Traction Control and Stability Control: Turn off both of these features to fully embrace the challenge of drifting. They work to do stop your car from drifting, as the name suggests
  • Steering: If you’re using a steering wheel, switch to “Simulation” steering. However, if you're using a controller, it's often easier to stick with “Normal” steering.

Mastering the Art of Drifting in Forza Motorsport 8

To excel at drifting in Forza Motorsport 8, you must learn the delicate balance of using your throttle, steering, and handbrake. While the specific techniques may vary depending on your chosen car and tuning, here is a guide to initiate and follow through a drift.

Approaching the Turn

As you approach a turn, it's crucial to be in 3rd or 4th gear. Start on the inside of the turn and then smoothly swing your car toward the outside. The key here is to manage your throttle with good judgment. Avoid oversteering, as it can cause spin outs. At the same time, don't underdo it, as this probably won't set the back of the car out.

Entering The Corner

When entering the corner, aim your wheels toward the apex. This is the point where your car needs to pivot around. On sharper turns, it's beneficial to incorporate the handbrake. Using the handbrake momentarily locks your car into position, preparing it for the drift.

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Exiting the Turn

Exiting the turn is where the art of drifting shines. Utilize the throttle to elegantly snap your car out of the turn. This requires finesse and a good feel for your car's dynamics.  Remember that mastering this technique may require some practice, and getting the balance just right can be a challenge. The key is consistency. 

Practice initiating the slide and smoothly recovering from it. As you become more familiar with your car's behavior in different situations, you'll avoid surprises and improve your drifting skills over time.

Best Drift Cars in Forza Motorsport

Mastering The Basics To Drifting - Forza Motorsport 8 Guide
Credit: ForzaForums

Listed below are the best car models for drifting in Forza Motorsport 8.

  • Ford:
    • Mustang GT
    • Mustang SVO
    • Mustang Boss 302
    • Mustang GT 2+2 Fastback

  • Mazda:
    • Mazda RX-8 R3
    • Mazda RX-7
    • Mazda RX-7 GSL-SE
    • Mazda RX-3

  • Mercedes:
    • AMG GT Black Series
    • AMG GT R
    • AMG E63 S
    • AMG C S Coupe 63 Forza Edition

  • Nissan:
    • 2023 Nissan Z
    • Nissan 240SX SE
    • Nissan Skyline GTR

  • Toyota:
    • Toyota Supra 2.0 GT
    • Supra RZ
    • GR Supra
    • Toyota AE80 GT Apex

Best Drift Tracks to Practice Drifting

Here’s a list of top tracks in Forza Motorsport 8 that you can practice drifting: 

  • Laguna Seca: Laguna Seca offers a mix of elevation changes and sharp corners. It is an exciting playground for drift enthusiasts.
  • Maple Valley Circuit: This classic track is known for its flowing corners and ample opportunities for controlled drifts. It's a fan-favorite among drifters.
  • Mugello Circuit This Italian circuit is known for its high-speed corners and long straights. It's a great track for experienced drifters who want to push themselves to the limit.
  • Silverstone Circuit: This track is known for its high-speed corners and long straights. Be careful not to overspeed on the straights, as you can easily lose control if you enter a corner too fast.
  • Suzuka Circuit: This track is known for its technical corners and figure-eight layout. It's important to be precise with your inputs on this track, as it's easy to make a mistake and go off the track.


So this was our guide on drifting in Forza Motorsport 8. While it's undeniably a challenging skill to perfect, the satisfaction is well worth the effort. Make sure to explore tuning options for your car to find the settings that suit your style best. With practice and the right adjustments, you'll soon be gliding through turns like a seasoned pro. 


Mastering The Basics To Drifting – Forza Motorsport 8 Guide
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