TSM Zexrow, yung calculator and MackWood1x Crowned NA East Fortnite Season X Champions

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TSM Zexrow, yung calculator and MackWood1x Crowned NA East Fortnite Season X Champions

In what was a stellar display of competitive Fortnite, the best trios out of the NA East region went head-to-head to decide the winner of the Fortnite Champion Series. With some notable names in the fray such as Turner “Tfue” Tenney, Kyle “SEN Bugha” Giersdorf and Williams “NRG Zayt” Aubin, picking a winner would not be easy. The talent pool is seemingly endless in this region, and these trios needed a long lasting strategy that would carry them to the winner’s circle. All the hard work over the last few weeks brought them to the FNCS finale to showcase their skills.

The team of Anthony “TSM Zexrow” Colandro, Jonathan “yung calculator” Weber and Mack “MackWood1x” Aesoph claimed victory in the NA East region. After a convincing performance in week two of the qualifiers, Zexrow, calculator and MackWood established themselves as a top trio. This trio mixes the raw talent of Zexrow and calculator with the fantastic In-Game Leader (IGL) ability of MackWood.

NA East Heat 1

In Heat 1, they began with a Victory Royale and went on to quietly place top 5 after six matches. This effort safely secured them a spot in the Grand Finals against many other talented trios. One of the highlights of their Heat 1 performance included an insane play by Zexrow to earn the trio their lone Victory Royale. An average placement of 11.5 per match and an average elimination of 4.5 per match granted them an opportunity to face off against the other 31 best trios in one of the best regions overall.

Grand Finals: Match One

Zexrow, calculator and MackWood went into match one with everything to prove. This was their moment to show to the world exactly how talented they are as a trio. The first match out of six provided solid results for the three-time FNCS qualifiers. Zexrow, calculator and MackWood put up six eliminations and finished in 10th place getting them off to a serviceable start. Ultimately MackWood stayed in the game long enough to tack on the all-important placement points. Beginning their six-match run with 9 points put them in a position to control how the rest of their tournament played out.

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Grand Finals: Match Two

Match two provided much-improved results from match one. Although Zexrow, calculator and MackWood earned fewer eliminations, their placement improved significantly. Finishing in 6th place overall added an extra three placement points to their total. On top of 5 eliminations, this trio produced 11 points to go with the 9 points accumulated in match one. After two games, Zexrow, calculator dand MackWood sat comfortably in 5th place with 20 points.

Grand Finals: Match Three

The difference-making Victory Royale took place in match 3 for this trio. Led by the slaying prowess of Zexrow, the match three winners maintained composure in the hectic environment of the end game. Zexrow put up 6 of the trios 14 eliminations, many of which the trio earned in the closing moments of the match. This 29 point performance vaulted Zexrow, MackWood and calculator to the top of the NA East leaderboard and brought their point total to 49 with three matches remaining.

Grand Finals: Match Four

With victory in sight, the beasts from NA East altered their strategy to focus primarily on placement. Match 4 offered the perfect opportunity for this trio to take a conservative approach and only look for eliminations when necessary. Teams well behind the curve would require a transition into desperation mode to stay in the mix. In this scenario, Zexrow, calculator and MackWood managed a safe six-point match, which came about from 3 eliminations and a 10th place finish. This trio reached 55 points with only two matches standing between them and the championship.

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Grand Finals: Match Five

Match 4 continued the trend of Zexrow, calculator and MackWood’s smart approach against the 31 other trios vying for the FNCS victory. Including a perfectly executed snipe by calculator, this trio put up three total eliminations in this match. Layered between Zayt’s trio and Clix’s trio, Zexrow fell early off rotation leaving MackWood and calculator to fend for themselves. MackWood and calculator separated from one another in the chaos of end game, which resulted in calculator’s elimination. Fortunately, MackWood picked up late elimination on Ghost Snood and secured six guaranteed points for their 7th place finish.

Grand Finals: Match Six

After five matches, Zexrow, calculator and MackWood amassed 61 points and the lead over second-place was just 6 points. This meant that they needed another high placement and all other trios to falter in order to guarantee victory. The final match of the NA East Fortnite Champion Series Grand Finals produced a 4th place finish along with just one elimination. Although it was most definitely not a mind-blowing performance, it secured the victory for Zexrow, calculator and MackWood. The winning trio accumulated 71 points, which validated all of their hard work once and for all.

Crowning the NA East Trio Champion

Noah “Liquid Vivid” Wright, Ryan “Liquid Chap” Chaplo and Chris “Tempo CizLucky” Perez were hot on their heels, but Zexrow, calculator and MackWood ultimately earned their victory. Only one point separated these two trios making this one of the best competitive Fortnite tournaments to date. No trio convincingly ran away with the championship, which made for an exciting conclusion. It shows precisely how talented these professional Fortnite players are after ten seasons of the Battle Royale title. When the curtains drew to a close, TSM Zexrow, yung calculator and MackWood1x earned $300K USD and the right to call themselves the best trio in NA East.

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