Trine 5 launching August 31st Across All Platforms

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Trine 5 launching August 31st Across All Platforms

Trine 5 A Clockwork Conspiracy is coming to everything on August 31st.

Trine 5 is coming, and we don't have long to wait. Developed by Frozenbyte in Helsinki, Finland, the game will launch on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and Nintendo Switch.

Trine 5 is the latestest game in the long-running series. With Trine 4 dropping on October 8, 2019, it's been a minute since we took these adventurers for a spin. The series started in 2009, with Trine 2 following in 2011, Trine 3 in 2015. The series has always been well received, with fans eagerly anticipating this latest entry to the series.

Trine 5 A Clockwork Conspiracy – key features

Traverse breathtaking landscapes in Trine's deepest and visually richest chapter to date, with an all-new cast of characters as a riveting story awaits with the heroes' reputations tarnished, their friends and families in danger, and their enchanted powers at stake. Trine 5 will take Amadeus the Wizard, Zoya the Thief, and Pontius the Knight on their most action-packed journey yet!

  •  A beautiful 2.5D world with twenty gorgeous levels ready for players to explore!
  • Local and online multiplayer — play with up to 4 players online or in local co-op.
  • Puzzles with plenty of replayability and dynamic physics — encounter fire, air, light, magnets, electricity, and more, with puzzles tailored both for solo and co-op play.
  • Challenging combat — fight against the unstoppable Clockwork Knights and the cunning Rat Gang in engaging and tactical battles, and try your wits and courage in formidable boss fights!
  • Difficulty settings for combat, puzzles, and character resurrection — the game welcomes everyone's own playstyle.
  • Experience the mesmerizing soundtrack, with songs that capture the essence of each unique environment, as well as a voice cast of returning favorites and charming new additions
Trine 5 launching August 31st Across All Platforms
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